Installation error

Installation error

bad unsquash configuration
The source filesystem “/run/miso/bootmnt/manjaro/x86_64/rootfs.sfx” does not exist.

Please help me… I did manual partition because I want dual boot with windows 10 and in a different partition. I created boot, home, linuxswap and root partition. Boot petition was ext32 (also tried ext4). After finishing this steps i followed next steps and then when it was creating and formatting the partition itself after few minutes it shows that error message.

can you please use ventoy to create iso on USB

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I got the answer in Unix Stackexchange:
Edit this file:

Try using file manager to find rootfs.sfx in some subdirectories in “/run/miso/bootmnt/”
Once you find that, copy that path and replace it with the path written in the 2 entries in unpackfs.conf
The second entry should be of another file that should be in the same directory as rootfs.sfx


Don’t complicate yourself. It’s just an error downloading the iso (check the checksums), writing the iso to the usb (do it again or try another writing software) or maybe a faulty usb stick (you can try another stick)

The problem is not the ISO, but the program used to flash the ISO on the USB.
I had a similar problem, since I used YUMI to create a multiboot USB. Which changes the locations of source files. Since the unpackfs.conf states the installation root location assuming that it has been installed as is on the USB, it doesn’t know what happened.
You could use a simple bootable USB made by programs like Rufus and it would work without a problem (yes, the same ISO), but then you won’t be able to put multiple booting - thingies on one USB, which one might want in certain cases.
So, either do simple stuff, or learn how to DIY.

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This is a problem with the image on the USB stick.

I have installed Manjaro and Windows 10 Pro x64 several times from a Ventoy USB stick.

You can download the image here: Manjaro Linux - Browse Files at

Thanks! Updating the paths to rootfs.sfs and desktopfs.sfs in /etc/calamares/modules/unpackfs.conf works great to get installation from multibootusb to working. I’ve been trying to make some old XP and Vista era laptops useful, so I have multiple linux ISOs on a multiboot USB. With editing the conf, it works with both Gnome and KDE installs of Manjaro 21.2.1
It doesn’t seem to persist through reboots, though, so I did need to edit unpackfs.conf again when installing to another machine from the same multiboot usb. (I’m guessing unpackfs.conf is extracted from the iso during boot.)
Works great as long as I remember to edit the conf each time!