Installation error looking like last year's Camalares bug, but not reacting to the usual solutions

Hey, all!

Not an IT-versatile person; still so, Manjaro has long been my Linux of choice, and I’m using it on five different computers. Which is why I’m puzzled by the following installation error:

Create a new partition (300,00 MiB, fat32) on ‘/dev/sdb’

Job: Create new partition on device ‘/dev/sdb’

Command: sfdisk --force --append /dev/sdb

Command: sfdisk --list --output Device,UUID /dev/sdb

Job: Create file system ‘fat32’ on partition ‘/dev/sdb1’

Command: mkfs.fat -F32 -I -v /dev/sdb1

Am I having a case of teh dumbs, or is there something seriously out of order there?

Thank you!

Hello @Nachtfalke :wink:

Actually there is no error. It is just a log of commands to create a efi partition.

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Hehe, yeah, the actual error message got lost in the copypasta. (That these commands could not be executed.)

Now, I fixed this in a rather unconventional way - I switched off the internet connection; then, everything went to work out perfectly. …I’m not sure things were supposed to work that way. :hear_no_evil: