[Installation] Can't boot up Manjaro on the UEFI PC if to use only Calamares with manual partitioning

Hi everybody!

I used the manjaro-kde-21.06-development-unstable-210618-linux510.iso image file from the Release Release 202106180255 · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub list

American Megatrends UEFI dated as the end of 2018 year (no newer version is currently available).
Intel CPU i5-8250U.
The only storage (besides USB boot flash with LiveCD) is 500 GB NVMe SSD.

1st method: fully via calamares, auto-partitioned:

I tried to use the “Erase disk” option (so auto-partitioning). Added swap as partition w/o hibernation. Added encryption. After installation I got the “Manjaro (<SSD full name and size>)” item in boot media menu and can boot w/ success. That automatic partitioning works w/o any problems noticed while boot up. Root partitioning has the Ext4 FS.

2nd method: manual partitioning via calamares:


1st partition:
Size: 300 MiB,
FS: FAT32,
Mount point: /boot/efi,
Flags: boot (the GUI lacks the esp flag: it is not listed, so I can’t add it via calamares).

2nd partition:
Size: 4000 MiB,
FS: linuxswap,
Mount point: <not selected>,
Flags: swap,
Added encryption.

3rd partition:
Size: <all remaining>,
Mount point: /
Flags: root,
Added encryption.

Installation was made w/ that config. But after installation PC boot menu lacks the “Manjaro (<SSD full name and size>)” item, but “UEFI OS (<SSD full name and size>)”, “<SSD full name and size>” are present. Both 2 items can’t be loaded: if to choose them, then something like “boot media not found” msg appears.

3rd method: manual partitioning via parted and then via calamares:
sudo parted,
select /dev/nvme0n1,
mktable gpt,
mkpart primary fat32 1MiB 300MiB,
set 1 esp on,
print (shows flags boot and esp),

Calamares GUI:
1st partition: edit:
Mount point: /boot/efi.

Other 2 partitions configures the same as was in 2nd method.

After installation PC got boot menu “Manjaro (<SSD full name and size>)” item, which is able boot up PC, but with 2 warnings during boot up and also visible during shut down:

Failed to open key file
and about a 5 seconds later
ERROR: resume: hibernation device '/dev/mapper/luks-...' not found.

Have 2 questions:

  1. Is it able to use calamares only to setup 2 encrypted partitions: BTRFS and swap? How?

  2. How to fix these boot up warnings on the stage of setup from LiveCD (during working with calamares or after it) or on the stage after installation procedure when PC already rebooted and installed OS started (or boot up LiveCD again)?