Install XFCE with default Manjaro configuration

I am using Manjaro's i3 community edition. Is it possible to install xfce alongside, with the configuration that comes with Manjaro's official XFCE download?

Yes :slight_smile:

How? Just installing xfce would surely not install Manjaro's default config with it?

I use i3 + xfce4

manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings is the package you're looking for. But this won't install the default apps (like image viewer "Viewnior") that comes with manjaro xfce iso.


manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings and manjaro-i3-settings are in conflict (manjaro-desktop-settings). Remove manjaro-i3-settings? [y/N]
I do not want to remove i3.

are you guying running a windows tiling system cos you maintain lots of remote systems/do lots of development work?
I watched a vid of a guy trying out manjaro i3 and he was having to guess at what programs where installed; I was like wtf!? lol

@SGS what happens when you click the 'fun' button? :grin:
I like the look of your clean desktop, I sort of want to try this out just for a giggle......:crazy_face:

Are you of legal age? :smiley: :wink:

IIRC I set i3 on this xfce

, not xfce on i3 ???

i3 is not only good for development. It's good also for writing or any student work which needs working in more than one application in a same time, not wasting time alt-tabing and searching for the right windows. (I myself use it for doing my university-work, writing research-papers. In one window I have paper, another is Libre Office, and the third dictionary or browser. Its really productive environment). On the other hand it is clean, good-looking and lightweight and its cool :slight_smile: to use it.

And you don't have to guess what is installed :smile:. First you can always check in pamac-manager what is installed, but also you have morc_menu (Simple application menu) and also Application tab in PCmanFM.

Read the help file included with Manjaro I3, and after that check i3config. There are many applications included with Manjaro I3, it is really a complete package.

Sold, lemme check that download link....:face_with_monocle:

I want to have i3 and xfce as separate desktop environments :slight_smile:

THIS actualy made me wonder when I installed i3 on my Manjaro Xfce edition.
I chose simply not to install the settings and just did a "bare i3-gaps i3status dmenu" install and start ricing/building from there.
I run Xfce and I3-gaps on an old Debian laptop and I ran Xfce and i3 on baseline Arch and on Xubuntu, all side by side and never ran into any kind of conflict.

I am trying to avoid having to rice xfce from scratch and instead just rely on the default manjaro xfce iso download configuration.

I think as the conflict stands, that's the only way to do it?
But as for installing a theme on Xfce and make it all look pretty... that's really only a few mouseclicks.
I didn't look further into the conflict because I did it the other way around and do my own i3 rice anyway. (same for Xfce).

Maybe I have an understanding or translation problem?
But I am sure that @oberon knows if and how to do it.

I think you create a new user and then log in as that user. Set up xfce for that new user, your original user should still have i3.

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Here's the deal:
The moment when you create a new user, the content of /etc/skel will be copied to the new user's home. So this will only affect the new user, no existing ones.
Now the content of /etc/skel is owned by one or the other manjaro-settings package, which is the reason why they need to conflict.
So all you have to do to create a new user with a different DE is replace the settings package before you create the new user. Then create the fresh user and make sure you tell the display manager to login with the correct DE.
With XFCE and I3 this procedure works really well, with other dconf based environments like Cinnamon, Gnome or Deepin it's more problematic because global settings will be compiled using on override package to deliver our Manjaro specific settings - but nothing to worry about in your specific case.
Lastly you have to make sure that all required packages for your secondary edition are really installed if you want to get the full experience of the proper edition.
The package list for the Manjaro-xfce edition can be found here.
Good luck! :smile:


So there is no way to resolve this conflict and have xfce and i3 installed for the same user? I am unable to find anything called manjaro-i3-settings or manjaro-desktop-settings in my i3 session using rofi. Would having manjaro-xfce-gtk3-settings installed instead of manjaro-i3-settings make my i3 DE unusable?
I don' t think there is a similar conflict in the case of Arch Linux. How do they overcome this issue?

i had a go with i3, it was intriguing but I had to draw the line when my sound wasn't working and when I went into the settings it was one of those alsamixer things that reminds me of DOS in the 80s...
having had a quick fling with XFCE again, XFCE looks boring in comparison to KDE.....and in fact it (xfce again) looks a bit tame compared to i3 :rofl:
actually I've got so many old SSDs hanging around I think I might set up a dual boot with i3...the masochist in me is shouting 'get the hang of this weird voodoo' :crazy_face:
@reikdas dual boot any use to you?