Install Windows 10 with dual boot

In my SSD is installed manjaro, everything it’s ok, but when i install w10 in dual boot, grub dissapear and i can’t start manjaro, how can i install grub or change order boot, 'cause in bios only have windows partition.
all this before i start the installation.

Unless it is a matter of you entering bios and making sure grub is loaded before windows the following is probably required.

You most likely have to boot with a live iso, like the one you installed with.

Then you need to chroot and run update-grub. That would most likely find the manjaro boot partition and fix grub, unless you did something strange duing the win10 installation that removed the partition, then you need to do more stuff.

You can find a bit more info by reading this. (only do the chroot part and then update-grub, you should not have to reinstall any kernels)

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Sorry, w10 is a meaningless, invented abbreviation. Topic title edited.

Please see:

As far as the issue you’re having, this should help you out:

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Thanks, i’ll try

Before you proceed, make sure to have understood what is explained here:

If Windoze changed your grub’s boot.img or core.img just chrooting and running update-grub as described by @bedna won’t be sufficient. All this depends how you installed the OS, you did not tell much. BIOS or UEFI mode? msdos or GPT parted disk? would be some of the core questions.

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Besides any possibility of fumbling the proper procedures, etc…

The old advice was to install windoze first and add linux … simply because linux will do what its told and carve out a place for itself nicely … whereas windoze can abuse your disk formatting like the greedy ogre it is.


hey LordOfElotes,
i think the real advice you need that as not even been given is, that you should install both operation system on at least two HDDs/SDDs. I do it it this way and i have never problems in grub or with activated os-prober.
It is also correct to install windows first, but you can’t do it, when you only will you a single SDD. The prices of SDDs are in my opinion cheap enough to use this better way to use dual-boot, like i do for years.
Another good advice, when you do so, disconnect windows-drive, when you install Linux and re-connect it later, after rebooting at least once.