Install Windows 10 alongside an existing Manjaro installation

I'm fairly new to Manjaro (and to Linux in general), and I love it, it's great, but I can't get some programs to work on here, so I want to install Windows 10 alongside my Manjaro installation (because a VM is not powerful enough).
I already made the partitions for what I taught will work for me:
I want to install Win10 on /dev/sdb5, and /dev/sdb6 will be my drive for my games and programs, and I'll use /dev/sda1 for all my files and media.
Can I work with this, or do I need to install it in a completely different way?
Thanks for the help!

Here you go:

Okay, Win10 is working, but it automatically boots into Win10.

Nevermind. I had to turn off fastboot, and set Manjaro as the first option. But now Grub does not show up, so I can't choose Windows on startup.

sudo update-grub

Have a look into this thread, it shows the different settings in /etc/default/grub:

Or verify this solution:

If all this does not solves your issue try

sudo grub-editenv - unset menu_auto_hide

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