Install Windows 10 after Manjaro

I currently have only Manjaro XFCE installed on this laptop. Since I need to flash some mobile phones with Odin, I’d need the Windows environment. I am contemplating :slight_smile: installing Win 10 alongside this Manjaro, and I’d like to avoid making major mistakes along the way. I am aware of the fact that this sequence of installation (first Manjaro, then Win10) is not as smooth a process as it is the other way round, and that’s another reason I’d like to hear your advice on how to fix the grub etc.

There are four partitions on the hard drive. This is how it looks from Gparted:

Manjaro XFCE is installed on SDA2 partition. I used the BIOS mode, although this laptop apparently supports UEFI as well. But since BIOS is already working fine, I’d like to keep it that way.

SDA3 is the swap drive for Manjaro. SDA1 is formatted as NTFS and I’d like to install Win10 on that partition.

Could somebody point me to the tutorial or write what exactly I should do after the Win10 installation in order to fix the Manjaro grub? I suppose I should boot into the Manjaro’s live USB and try to fix it from there, but I’m not sure how to do it exactly.

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Difficult task you ask. Reading this you may need

Installing Windows is unsupported by Manjaro.

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Rescatux is an excellent tool for recovering Grub after installing Windows. It can be downloaded from here. Rescatux Stable You can find documentation about it here. Rescatux Wiki

If you get Windoze 10 installed in BIOS mode on an msdos parted disk (?) on just a single partition (?) and you have at least 1 MiB free space before 1st sector of sda1 (?) then you only have to make sure you fully shutdown Windoze after installation to avoid any hibernate stage of the disk and then boot a Manjaro live ISO, chroot into your Manjaro install by

sudo manjaro-chroot -a (select 1 if only 1 line is given)
parted -l (to identify the device name of your ssd, e.g. sda)
grub-install /dev/sda --recheck (if it's a different device name than sda adjust accordingly!)

and reboot. That’s it! :tada:

Why Windows after find Linux? :rofl:

Is it not possible to use Virtualbox for this purpose? Or maybe a Windows on usb-stick.

See also: Download JOdin3 for macOS, Linux, and Windows [Odin for macOS]


How do you mean? As they say Windows is the only OS on the planet which does not support any other OS alongside. As far as I know Linux distros do support Win dual boot installations and the LIVE USB installer of any Linux or their recovery can easily fix/repair/rebuild the GRUB after a Win install or so.

I am also about to install a Win10 system alongside my main Manjaro, only for Lightroom/premiere/Bridge use and FPS gaming. Maybe for secondary drive that is right, so that will work for sure.

We all have been waiting for complete ADOBE suit and APEX LEGENDS and battlefield4 running natively and perfectly on Linux :wink: Until that most of us have to have a Win drive somewhere…

Lutris :wink:

I tried Win10 in Virtualbox on this fresh Manjaro and that WM runs so sluggish and slow that is horrible. Like the mouse pointer and the Win10 was high on weed it was so slow. And my Manjaro runs like a nuclear power driven system, blazing fast like a blizzard on this 8700K.

If I can run Adobe apps in it… I gotta check.

I think he means that people give no support for it, so you can try, but you’re on your own. Manjaro forum is about Manjaro support, so don’t expect any support for something related to Windows installation.

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Exactly what I said

Spot on …