Install Tuxguitar?

Heya back again!

I’m trying to pull down tux guitar from the AUR (AUR (en) - tuxguitar)

sudo pamac tuxguitar

However seems the database is corrupted? “Error: Failed to prepare transaction: invalid or corrupted database” Going through the AUR page it seems like a tadbit of a mess for myself to resolve.

I’m thinking of either running on my laptop (clean windows install) or lutris on this machine if there isn’t a simple way for me to resolve this chain. Any help is appreciated!

should be the search term, perhaps preferrably here on this forum

It’s also highly unlikely that you’ll find anything related to Manjaro package manager problems there.

It’s just the one place on the whole internet where you won’t find help with that. :wink:

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AUR is entirely unsupported - you are on your own - it is mandatory - well, almost mandatory - to switch your system to unstable branch - if you want to use AUR

sudo rm -rf /var/tmp/pamac
sudo pacman-mirrors -aS unstable
sudo pacman -Syyu jdk-openjdk
pamac build tuxguitar
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ah that’s a good point - I appreciate it! may as well give it a swing then. all my stuff is well backed up and this machine is mostly for fun purposes so I’m not going to run into (major) issues

EDIT: Figure I’ll set proper system restore before venturing

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