Install .tar applications

How do i install application downloaded from internet (.tar)
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Tar is an Archive and might not contain a package, however most likely the source code. What kind of application you want to try to install?

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I want to install firefox,I downloaded the package from the official web site, it’s tar.bz2,how can I install it???!

Use the repositories through the package manager.

pamac install firefox

Also … see this:

As to your broader question of
‘how do I install a compressed archive manually downloaded from the internet’?

It is quite broad. The answer will depend on the software in question … often the project itself will provide instructions. There is no ‘one way’ because you arent dealing with a compiled binary or any compatible package format.
It should of course be noted again - unless you have a specific reason, like you are a developer or something, this is not the preferred way to handle software.

Search the program Add/Remove Software,in there you search firefox,click install and done.

Just like cscs said,you install application through the package manager,the majority of application you want can be install there with one click without you download any .tar or anything.