Install software from terminal (cd downloads) in manjaro

I am a newbi and don’t know how to download and add a software or a program from a website… I just downloaded the German version of Firefox and cannot install it because the provided version is in English and does not have a Language Pack as it used to have, any way I just want to install a downloaded file using command line, and don’t know how to do it. Please help me. Thank You

In what format is your downloaded file? If it’s .tar.gz then you can just use

sudo pacman -U packagename.tar.gz

If your file is .deb , .rpm or in other formats, then you might have to convert it to .pkg.tar.zst then use that command above to install it.

it’s a tar.xz file and a tar.bz2. I just tried to install it as you said but it says it could not find or read the file

If it’s .tar.xz then just try sudo pacman -U packagename without .tar.xz.

If that doesn’t work, take a look at this

If you just want to install Firefox I suggest you just use sudo pacman -Syu firefox firefox-i18-de to install Firefox and German language pack.

Well, the simplest way is to use GUI Pamac provided by Manjaro.

NO we can only install with pacman/pamac *.pkg.tar.xx other are not for manjaro/arch !

exists firefox Language Pack with manjaro :wink:


Oh Thank you!! I 'll let you know

The whole point of GNU/Linux distributions and their repositories is that you would install the software from the repositories if possible.

Firefox is in the repositories, and the German language pack for it is also ─ it’s called firefox-i18n-de.


pamac install firefox firefox-i18n-de
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As far as I know, and please correct me if I am wrong, Firefox is already installed with every Manjaro installation. Therefore, there should be no reason to install Firefox afterwards; no matter in which language version, and certainly not from any website.

I’m surprised that no one pointed out the settings options of the Manjaro Settings Manager to the original poster. I think the big advantage to Manjaro is the ability to use the tools provided by Manjaro.

Under Locale Settings the system languages can be added, changed and removed. Once the desired system languages are set, Manjaro will automatically download all the language packs available for the programs installed on the system. The Manjaro Settings Manager Notifier will even notify you when there are new or additional language packs available. After that, all you have to do is go to Language Packages to install the offered language packages with one click. That’s all.

Read, go and work thorough this, it’s important and true. Also, invaluable if you want to learn.

Are you sure what you’ve downloaded is an Arch Linux package and not a source tarball?

No. That’s just a regular compressed archive, not a software package. Firefox provides tarballs that can be extracted and run from that location. There’s nothing to install.

Software packages have either .pkg.tar.xz or .pkg.tar.zst extensions.