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Hi all,
I want to install Manjaro as dual boot with Win10 on my laptop, but before that I would like to check with you if my installation scheme is correct.

Laptop info: Dell Vostro 5470
Preinstalled win8 upgraded to win10
HDD: GTP yes, EFI yes
BIOS: UEFI on; Secure boot off
Live USB Manjaro XFCE works

I have following partitioning of HDD where I want to install Manjaro:
Unallocated space of 50.00GiB is dedicated for linux, created in windows disk management.

My question is:

  1. Can I create extended partition from unallocated space of 50.00GiB and inside create partitions for
    /swap, / , /home and use sda1 Win EFI partition for /boot?
  2. Should I not use extended partion and just create in unallocated space /swap, / , /home and use sda1 Win EFI partition for /boot ?
  3. Or Should I do 1) or 2) but not to use sda1 Win EFI partition for /boot but create new one?
  4. Or is there other correct/better solution?

I would appreciate your help.



If this is for testing if Manjaro LInux is something you can work with - I suggest you install VirtualBox in your Windows - then install Manjaro in VirtualBox.

A lot of experience says dualbooting with Windows is begging for trouble.

But that’s just one opinion - I dropped dualbooting years ago - and most recent experiences from a linux user group I participate in confirms it.


Not for me. I have been multi-boot from the beginning of using free OSes.
(Now triple-boot with Win, Remix, Manjaro)

I don’t understand why so many partitions. I prefer Manjaro in one partition (limited size) and a special partition for data which all OSes can access to them.


In UEFI boot Manjaro requires a boot/efi partition in addition to the root partition. More parttions is not needed - execpt for swap but if you’re on SSD or have enogh RAM then drop SWAP unless you require hibernation functionality.


Hi. With GPT you don’t have extended partitions. All of them are just partitions.

You should use sda1 not for /boot, but for /boot/efi. Make sure you do NOT format it during installation.

It is easier to begin with /swap and /. Separate /home is good, but not necessary.

If you want to avoid problems with time settings, read how to set Windows to use UTC clock.


I got this laptop in this condition. I think upgrade from WIN8 to WIN10 made this mess in partitions ir someone who prepared laptop for company.

I tested Manjaro in VirtualBox and I liked it. I want to make my main OS to see if I can get job done in real condition.

I will create swap. HDD in laptop is not SSD and I like hibernation functionality. I just hope it will work :slight_smile:

I read a lot about UEFI and GTP but missed GTP has no extended partitions.

Good point. I will remember that.

I start with /swap and /.

I look in to it.

Thank you all for feedback. I might post a topic how it went.


Also, I would recommend to disable “fast boot” feature of Windows if you plan to have access to ntfs partitions from linux.


I found that info in few youtube tutorials. But I didn’t know it can prevent to access ntfs partition. Thank you for mentioning it.


Glad to see you took the route of VirtualBox in the first place.

But, 50 Gig is just barely suitable in the real world, so this is likely to ONLY reveal any problems related to hardware (video cards mostly) that VirtualBox protects you from. It will probably never be satisfactory as your permanent installation on a partition that small.

If you are thinking of switching your machine to Manjaro on bare metal, why not look into an additional hard drive. Pretty cheap these days. If its out of warranty you got nothing to lose.

Vostro was available with a wide variety of options as far as video cards, and hard drives / ssd and memory.


I have installed Manjaro as I you guys recommended and everything works.

Grub didn’t show option to chose Windows, so I had to update grub with this command:

sudo update-grub

after that I could boot in Manjaro and Win10.

My partitions now:

I also used this tutorial Instalar Manjaro junto a Windows con o sin UEFI Fácil and even it is in Spanish (which I little bit undrestand) it was easy to follow.

Again thank you all for help. I really appreciate it.


I have Manjaro installed on a 24GB partition. 50 should be fine unless he is planning on keeping a load of media files on it. Even then you can just store them in the Windows partitions.

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