Install Ruby on Rails - use Pamac / rvm / other method?

Hi - I have already installed Ruby on my Manjaro system - Cinnamon / Kernel = 5.15.91-1-MANJARO

I want to now install Ruby on Rails and am unsure how to proceed. It appears to be in Pamac, but I"m not sure which packages to install - there are many of them. Also, should I install rvm as part of the process and if so, what is proper procedure? Thanks for any help.

Hi @tekk70, and welcome!

I see this is your first post here, so let me just tell you: ALWAYS search and check the Arch Wiki for questions such as this. I think your answer can be found there:

Understood - I have Arch Linux on my other computer - never quite sure of the line dividing Arch Linux Vanilla and Manjaro questions / resources. Should have checked Arch Wiki - Thanks.


You’re very welcome!

But yes, check those first.

I was unable to get very far using the Arch wiki - it was of no help dealing with the missing dependencies needed when installing Ruby on Rails, which admittedly is a very complex piece of software. I’ve been an Arch user for the past year and Manjaro became my favorite distro because of its Arch base and useful included packages. But with all due respect to both this and the Arch forum, I’m tired of the generic response - check the Arch wiki.Twenty years ago Judd Vinet created a great distro but didn’t spend time on a graphic installer. This requires users to know what they’re doing in order to install and use Arch. I respect this skill, but twenty years later, it seems to be the flag that Arch users are still flying and it’s elitist to a fault. I was hoping it might be different with Manjaro. When someone asks for help installing a complex piece of software like Rails, you might consider that they have some level of intelligence and maybe offer something other than this tired response which is so easy for you and does nothing for them.

Have a look at this also:

And BTW: I don’t see myself, or any Manjaro “regulars” as elitists. We’re, all of us, just trying to help. And what’s more, not everyone, myself included, has ever even installed ROR never mind used it. Because of that, “See the Arch wiki” is about all answer I can give. And in my defense, it was the first result in Google as well:

Also, most people don’t know what they’re asking for can be answered by the Arch wiki 99% of the time. So it does them quite well to look at that first.


Since I don’t know, I asked someone/something that might: