Install Pandoc on PinephonePro ARM64

I am trying to install Tblock as an adblocker on PinephonePro.
This, however, requires pandoc which is not available via pacman or pamac
searching this forum gives only an outdated link to a github repo. Tried with
debtap but it looks like it hangs forever…

How do I install pandoc on Manjaro ARM Plasma Mobile ?

There are no Haskell based packages in the Arch Linux ARM or Manjaro ARM repositories. Sorry.

I finally was able to manually install pandoc:

sudo debtap pandoc-2.18-1-arm64.deb

this takes a few hours on the PinephonePro!!

(prebuilt version for download here)

then install it with:

sudo pacman -U pandoc-2.18-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst

after this you can follow installing tblock.

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