Install NVIDIA 450.80.02 on testing

seems like nvidia driver 455.45.01 has some glitches:

  • firefox shows blank region
  • planner has black box around app

(since i cant upload images…)

tried to downgrade to 450.80.02 (i’m on testing branch) but it seems the packages are gone - only available on stable. downloaded and installed by hand from stable - no luck - not even able to boot to the login screen.

how to install 450xx on testing ?

thanks in advance

Operating System: Manjaro Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 5.20.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.76.0
Qt Version: 5.15.2
Kernel Version: 5.9.12-1-MANJARO
OS Type: 64-bit
Processors: 12 × Intel® Core™ i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Memory: 31.3 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: GeForce GTX 780 Ti/PCIe/SSE2

I believe that’s not possible anymore in a convenient way. As far as I see Manjaro is going the Arch way and will have only the latest and 390xx drivers.

You could install the 440xx driver and libraries from AUR as far as I see. But OpenCL and CUDA won’t work on 5.9.

you cannot, they are gone from now on. if you want something older than 455, you’ll have to drop back to an older kernel: they’re stil building 390 and 435 for kernel 5.4.

I can only open your Firefox screenshot. From what I see, I guess you have enable WebRender on it. Am I right? If you do, then try disable it. Just use the Firefox OpenGL compositor.

I can’t open the second image, it says “Image not found”, but you might want to disable KDE compositor and check if it’s affecting that app.

(2nd link corrected)

thanks for the replies, no idea whats going on but:

  • started pc, opened ff -> grey region as in screenshot 1
  • opened kde control, compositor is disabled, last checkbox “…allow applications…” is unchecked.
  • checked “…allow applications…”, restarted ff -> gfx glitch gone. planner also opens up wihthout black border.
  • enabling/disabling ff webrender does not make any difference.
  • enabled compositor, reboot, open ff and planner -> gfx errors gone.
    will try a few more combinations and post them here.


Looks like my guessing is right, it probably just KDE compositor and nvidia driver having compatibility issue. But it’s kinda weird, tho. My PC with nvidia 1050ti card doesn’t have any graphical problem on testing branch so far. Anyway, good luck on finding the best compositor’s config for your PC.