Install MSOffice on PlayonManjaro

Hey, im trying to install msoffice 2016 on playonmanjaro but I got stuck in a part that says to select the setup ISO file, but I dont have one and cant find one. What can I do?

How would you install MS Office without the installation media?

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Thats what I am trying to find

You don’t. It’s a commercial product, so you need to buy it.

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i have the licence, but how can I get the ISO file?

On the Microsoft download page.

Honestly, this is pretty basic stuff. Are you sure you are up for the task of running a rolling distribution based on Arch Linux?


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From the title and description this seems relevant: Microsoft Office 2016 - Supported software - PlayOnLinux - Run your Windows applications on Linux easily! if using the playonlinux gui. Are you using that @sica2602 ?

As for the iso, if you have a Microsoft account there is a download available on the support site, search for offline installation. Looking elsewhere would most likely result in a less secure option in the form of a compromised installation, a miner, ransomware etc.

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