Install manjaro

Hi, I want to install manjaro, but when I boot with the open source driver, it gives an out-of-range error, and when I boot with the property driver, after a few minutes, it reaches the Reached target graphical interface line … and nothing happens, how can I manjaro Install it ?!

What is the graphics card?

Did you try to “Boot with proprietary drivers”?

it is GT218

yes i try but its not work

Try an older version of @Jim.B 's Gnome spins.


P.S. Not too old though as otherwise you have to update a lot!
I’d start with the second-to-last one of the 21-series.

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i try but get same result

Please be more specific: Which ones did you try?


If all of them:

We’re sorry to say your system is incompatible with Manjaro