Install Manjaro on XU4

I found a website that said there was support for xu4 but I didn’t see it listed in the files linked. The site I found is below. I’m wondering which download I use if I want to install on my XU4. I also did a search of the topics and came back empty handed. org/t/manjaro-arm-18-09-released/56993

Thank you!

The XU4 has a v7 chip we only support devices with the v8 (64bit) chip.

Arch arm has an image. That is what I have on my XU4.

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Appreciate it. Yeah I have Arch arm on mine currently. I just saw that someone said they had an XU4 image and so I thought maybe it existed. It’s all good though :smiley: . Appreciate the response. I’ll roll forward with Arch.

We might did have a couple years back before we dropped support for v7 chips and removed the repo.


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