Install Manjaro on HP laptop


I would like to install Manjaro XFCE or Mate alongside Windows 10 on my wife’s older laptop. This laptop is an HP with an intel core i3, other features attached. How do I get started?
Are there obstacles I need to get around and how?
Her bank’s app no longer works correctly because the laptop is outdated, the bank says.
Who wants to inform me in detail.
Thank you in advance.

Moderator edit: Removed useless photo of Windows license key

Hi @rediser,

That’s only a picture of the Windows license. There are no details in it.

Nevertheless, have a look at :point_down:

You could not have any bank id on linux (what I knew). Use your phone to bank log in. I would install Manjaro Kde and skip windows 10. Kde is more like windows if you are used to it.

I successfully use Manjaro on my old HP ProBook 470 G0: HW probe of HP ProBook 470 G0 #c93927c7bd.
You may search your model in this database.

To find out the exact model:

  • Turn off the computer.
  • Press the Power button, and then immediately press the Esc key repeatedly until a startup menu displays.
  • Press the F1 key or select System Information from the Startup Menu.

The product information displays.

Get a Manjaro ISO, write it to an USB pendrive (use Ventoy to do that, for example), boot the live system and see whether everything works … ?
If there actually are problems you can then address them - or choose not to use Manjaro, or Linux, for that matter.
No need to install to find out.