Install manjaro-kde-20.0.3 on hyper-v: Failed to start Simple Desktop Display Manager

I was trying to install manjaro-kde-20.0.3 on hyper-v. it failed at booting “manjaro-kde-20.0.3-200606-linux56.iso”

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please test a current image


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Same problem


Which iso exactly did you try to install this time?


please read it
same problem here?

use the links …

could there be a command to limit errors / more information?

Please do not post photos, we love logs :slight_smile:

Having the same problem when installing this version on Hyper-V. Tried Gen1 VM. Installing SDDM (which was not installed) parallel in Terminal works but starting it fails.

I too have the same issue - “[Failed] Failed to start Simple Desktop Display Manager”. Hyper-V VM, Nvidia GPU and Windows 10 are involved. The Manjaro with KDE distro is not installed yet. I’m booting the stable x64 ISO I just downloaded from Manjaro.

I’m an IT pro/Software dev but on the Microsoft platform. I’m a total newbie when it comes to Linux. Manjaro was recommended as the most beginner friendly linux distro. If I can’t fix this issue in the next hour, I will be moving on to Ubuntu or something else.