Install Manjaro in windows C drive

Hi guys, I want to switch to Manjaro from Windows. The problem is I have important files in my windows machine, which I want to use in Manjaro too(Images, Projects, Videos, etc)

Can I install Manjaro in my C Drive partition only and, Can I access other drives data(windows drive) in Manjaro after the installation?

You can install Manjaro in the place of your Windows drive, but GNU/Linux will not run off of an NTFS or FAT-based filesystem. It needs one or multiple filesystems that support POSIX file ownership and permissions, and neither NTFS nor FAT-based filesystems support that.

That said, GNU/Linux is a UNIX-style operating system, and it is very different from Microsoft Windows. You will be able to access additional partitions, but unless you set them up with specific mount options in the static /etc/fstab file, these partitions will be mounted dynamically ─ i.e. on-the-fly ─ and then they will be writable to the root account only by default.

So you will need to do some research into setting this up ─ there are plenty of threads here at the forum that deal with such issues, but you can also consult the Manjaro Wiki and/or the Arch Wiki for more information, as well as the following manual pages. :arrow_down:


In my experience all ntfs partitions are always writable by the normal Manjaro user account. You don’t need special rights for that.

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