Install Manjaro in OEM mode ?


I would like to know if it is possible to install Manjaro in OEM mode. I would like to install Manjaro for my family, my friends, .... So, I think it is a good choice to install Linux in OEM mode. Linux Mint and Ubuntu give the choice to install it OEM mode. So, why not offer Manjaro as an alternative through an OEM installation mode.


I do believe, OEM installs are only available when you buy their hardware,
I don't think that installation media is freely available for download, but I could be wrong.

It is all there - just have to look :slight_smile:

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OK, well OEM was just added since the last time I looked.
Those iso profiles are for bladebook's, infinitybook's and spitfire's (aka Manjaro's hardware).
Besides, you expect an end user to build their own ISO?
My point was downloadable ISO's.

I see. Actually it has been available for some time - but you are correct - any user wanting to apply an oem installation need to build an ISO for it.

There is not arguments you can apply to the installer to create an OEM install - this has to be done at level of creating the ISO using Manjaro Tools.

When you create an OEM type install with Calamares - you install the system and makes the necessary configuration and when the user starts the system for the first time - the user specific options are collected and applied.

oem for this link

and where exactly do you see downloadable ISO's on that site?

You can get in contact with us via

I think user would like the option at installation time .. through calamares or architect for example.


I contacted the OEM manjaro team, but I didn't received a reply. Is there a way to download an OEM iso file or a way to install Manjaro in OEM mode ?


I don't think you can download an OEM mode ISO.

The only way, is to use Manjaro Tools to create an ISO and setup Calamares to use OEM mode.

But that requires special packages and additional options in the profile.conf.

Currently we only have OEM ISOs for our specific hardware. There is no generic OEM ISO yet.

I have an idea - if you don't mind I will experiment on making a generic OEM ISO.


it will be great if we could have a generic OEM ISO image.

Thanks in advance.


any news about that generic OEM ISO image ?


I am thinking

  • While it is indeed possible to make a generic ISO image
  • It does not make a lot of sense
  • At least not at this point in the thinking process

The reason it does not make sense is because the way the Manjaro Tools work, Manjaro Team would have to create an OEM ISO for every edition - and that is probably not going to happen.

It is already possible for anyone to create their own ISO using buildiso from the Manjaro Tools package and the guide from the Manjaro Wiki

All packages for creating an OEM style ISO is also in the repo.

So all you have to do is to copy one of the OEM profiles from Manjaro Gitlab and adjust it to your preference and then use buildiso to build that profile.

It all starts with the first step - oem xfce - still unpolished - please test it.

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