Install Manjaro in HP SPECTRE(2020) NVMe SSD


Maybe someone tried install Manjaro in HP SPECTRE (2020)? Which is good tutorial where installation perfect works on NVMe SSD drive?

Seems installation from usb went successfully, but when I try boot I get error. Secure boot is disabled

Tried Google, tried use Duckduckgo no one helped ;/

Error looks:
ERROR: device ‘UUID=0d928350-78d2-46a7-ac7d-5323cdf7e79d’ not found. Skipping fsck.
mount: /new_root: can’t find UUID=0d928350-78d2-46a7-ac7d-5323cdf7e79d.
You are now being dropped in to an emergency shell.
sh. can’t access try; job control turned off

I added
Installation should be uneventful except that the vmd (Intel Volume Management Device) module needs to be added to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf in order for the freshly installed OS to boot properly

But didn’t worked anyway…

strange to give advice from here. what did you try as installation ? A Uefi-related or a bios installation. did you checked that the so called “fast boot” option in the bios is disabled ?

Didn’t found fast boot option in Bios but Secure Boot option is disabled.

It’s uefi boot installation as I understood. I had previous laptop with SSD didn’t had any problems with Manjaro installation, but with NVMe SSD booting successfully Manjaro is complicated :sob:

while you’re installation did you use automatic or manual partitioning ?

I used automatic partitioning… If need use manual which settings would you recommend to set? :grinning: I see installation to NVMe SSD is tricky…:rofl:

yes it’s worth a try. it’s important to create a partition of round-about 100MB (use the advice of the following video and do 512 MB to be safe) that is a fat32 and (!) bootable !!! mount all the rest as mounting point / and try a new installation.
check out youtube with “manjaro uefi installation”
it’s german, but it should be needless what language, see especially minute 7:48 and following. Fingers crossed

Thank you, I tried, but still same problem… I still didn’t found solution

a question, was the drive recognized as you did the maual partition and showed up ?

Been recognised, as I understood need somehow turn in AHCI mode whole drive, but how interesting…didn’t though that new operating systems installiations in NVMe SSD can be so hard :rofl: still can’t understand why error is about folder place new_root - “mount: /new_root: can’t find” (error which I get)

I selected / and /home as in tutorial video, but new_root folder didn’t been selected nowhere. I did selections of partitions manually

it’s a little bit late for me today, i’m sorry that i have to quit and sleep. but from my understanding ths nvme is recognized and it’s just a little thing that is not realized for now. don’t know where you are living because of time delay but if you have time, there are a lot of tutorials on how to install manjaro as uefi and please check the bios, sometimes there is a list of former uefi installations (windows…) that should be deleted. fingers crossed buddy but i have to sleep.

Thank you a lot Olli! Maybe somehow I will find solution, interesting :grinning: went full through Bios didn’t found which option would can block successful boot of Manjaro.
Former installiation windows yes - it’s something warm I think, but how delete it interesting, in USB live Manjaro didn’t found in storages