Install Manjaro from Ubuntu Retaining all /home data

Currently i m using ubuntu completly not dual boot
Now i wanted to shift to manjaro retaining all /home data
PS I have different partition for /home

So please help how to do it

If you have a separate partition for home then you just follow the same procedure you would in any other case (see duckduckgo or the wiki or search the forums or ..)

But I generally warn against this because of old configs and similar crud.

while replacing partition while installing i have to replace the whole partion or only / partiton??

Tell it to format the root partition /dev/sda2, but not /dev/sda3. Perhaps it would be best to also format /dev/sda1. It's not strictly necessary, but then you'll have to clean out the Ubuntu stuff from there yourself later.

make your username different from what you used previously so configs wont conflict


This is not exactly your case but I do think you can amend it to fit.

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I can speak from experience that keeping old configs from a different distro can cause issues. You can keep your /home partition and user directory if you delete all of the config files/folders first. You will need to enter the /home/<user name> directory with the file manager of your choice, select the option to show hidden files, and delete all files and directories that begin with a dot. When installing, you just tell the installer not to format the /home partition and mount it as /home.

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