Install manjaro for another one

Hi the Community,

please, would somebody guide me to install Manjaro KDE in the laptop of my son living far away…
So i will send it the ready to go SSD disk that he will plug it in the laptop at receipt.
I bought an wifi dongle (in case on the Netcard driver would’nt be avaible in the distro).
My son is newbie - so the mounted SSD disk shall run straightly when he will connect it in its laptop.

Please, what are the steps to prepare such an SSD disk ?
Thanks a lot in advance

During installation, a detection of available hardware is done.
What is present will be installed - if supported.

If your system’s hardware is similar or equal to his - this can work.

If (in particular) the graphics hardware is different
this is likely to fail.

It’s not a huge deal to adapt it - but it won’t just work out of the box.

If he is to do do nothing but insert the disk and start using the system
chances are that that will not happen :wink:

He also needs to learn how to maintain the system - updates and so on …

As @Nachlese mentioned, this is a no-brainer approach.

But rather send him an installation USB stick with the preferred ISO and guide him via phone when installing with Calamares.

I had doubts … now I don,t have any !

Updated bootable key was still done … but I stopped after because I had doubts !
I will pursue as you tell me. Sure.
Thanks a lot.

One package to rule them all (almost it is a META package)

sudo pacman -Syu xorg-drivers --needed

The only possible issues will then be an unsupported (kernel-wise) wifi card.

Dual graphics will probably work OOB but - in case of gaming - this may need additional tweaking especially for Nvidia GPU.

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