Install Manjaro-20.1 Mikah KDE Keyboard doesnt work

I have Laptop ASUS Vivobook X556UQK, with manjaro gnome working fine, and I am trying to install Manjaro 20.1 Mikah KDE Plasma from scratch, and I have a problem with the keyboard.

Boot from a pendrive and In the first screen, the keyboard works perfect, but when I go to kde plasma to continue with the installation only the function keys work (ej fn+f2 wifi on, etc) but non other keystroke or a sigle key or number, cannot type anything in the console or any text box.

The mouse works perfectly, I try to go to settings to change the keyboard settings, but I still can’t write even though I have tried various settings.

Any suggestion? Does anyone else have this problem?

maybe this is the problem:

Have you tried using the on-screen keyboard then? (aka Virtual keyboard) and once installed, you have many more keyboard settings you can change in KDE


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