Install local packages (fpcupdeluxe)

Hi there

New to manjaro and arch, and I don’t understand the package system.
I downloaded a package with filename fpcupdeluxe-aarch64-linux (tool for installin Free pascal and Lazarus)

I thought I could open it in octopi, just like .deb files in Ubuntu, but notihing happens.
I can set the executable bit for the file, but nothing happens when I try to open it.


AFAIK it won’t work cause different package format and different architecture, btw lazarus is in repos, may be that’s what you need?

$ pacsearch lazarus
community/fpc-src 3.0.4-1
    Sources for the FreePascal compiler (required by the Lazarus IDE)
community/lazarus 1.8.0-1
    Delphi-like IDE for FreePascal common files
community/lazarus-gtk2 1.8.0-1
    Delphi-like IDE for FreePascal gtk2 version
community/lazarus-qt4 1.8.0-1
    Delphi-like IDE for FreePascal qt4 version
community/lazarus-qt5 1.8.0-1
    Delphi-like IDE for FreePascal qt5 version
community/qt5pas 2.6.r54980-1
    Free Pascal Qt5 binding library updated by lazarus IDE

For install local package I think you can use command:
$ sudo pacman -U /path/to/file

This sounds either like an archive containing the binaries or an archive with the source. Which is it?

Packages supported by Manjaro/Arch is named *.pkg.tar.xz.

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It was the binaries. The arch package wasn’t working for some reason.
Downloaded for genereal linux. That worked.

Actually not a package problem then… :blush:

Thanks @yerri I’m actually aware of that. But fpupdeluxe is fine for installing for crosscompiling.

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What you have downloaded first, aarch64, don’t stand for Arch Linux but is the ‘general Linux’ binary for Armv8/Arm64 CPU architecture :slight_smile:

All downloads in the github page are called after (program_name)-(CPU architecture)-(target OS)

Thanks for clarifying this.

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