Install Linux alongside windows

I want to install Linux alongside Windows and my Device is UEFI and i have gpt disk , i want to install it manually to create swap and home partition and i already have efi partition by windows so should i mount it to /boot/efi or install linux without editing it and if i shoud edit it , after that if i decided to uninstall linux should i canel the mount of the efi partition or Leave it as it is .
because some people mount it and some people install without doing this step


You can manually delete the Manjaro files from the ESP as long as you don’t delete the entire ESP partition, because if you do that, Windows won’t boot any more. :wink:

It’s possible to have multiple ESPs on multiple disks, but then you’ll need to go to the UEFI screen to change boot devices. If you only have one disk, trying to create multiple ESPs leads to pain and sorrow problems.


You’re smart! You restore or manually delete individual files! Some people delete the entire partition, and guess what? Then Windows doesn’t boot any more…


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