Install kde instead of xfce


Hi guys I have downloaded manjaro xfce 17 and I don’t I like it that much so I want to install kde and remove xfce is that possible or what I tried the wiki instructions but it didn’t work I got an error in the terminal so guys I hope you can help me with this.


We have an official KDE edition, as well as Netrunner Rolling, both are based on Plasma 5…


Suggest you reinstall with kde install media.


The only sensible way to do it.


I know I am just asking is that possible to install two desktop environments at the same time and remove on of them after that.


This is Linux, of course it is. You can either install just the parts of Plasma 5 and related KDE software that you want to have, or use the meta packages.


I don’t want to download it over again my internet is bad at the moment.


How to do it man I don’t know how that’s why I am asking.


Open pamac and search for Plasma and KDE, install individual packages or look for -meta packages.
Use could also use the groups tab to scroll down to Plasma, kf5*, and kde-*

Note: The meta packages will install everything related to them, and may be more than you wish to have.


Have you done a forum search yet? Seem to recall seeing the same question posed a couple times before.



Installing all of KDE etc, will probably amount to the same data being used, as when you download a new ISO. The only difference is that the ISO install needs to be updated after being installed, while the added DE is already up to date.


People are recommending reinstall using KDE ISO for a reason, not just because it is significantly quicker and easier, but primarily because it will lead to a more stable system.

With great difficulty if you do not know how both DEs hang together under the hood. Even if you do get it working there is a good chance something is not configured correctly and your KDE desktop becomes unstable.

Manjaro’s KDE integration is second to none, makes little sense to manually install and configure it yourself. If you really want to go down this path I recommend the Arch wiki as a starting point reference.

You’ll have to download all KDE packages anyway if you do it manually, whilst not quite as big as the KDE ISO, still pretty large.


You will need to download most of the packages. It will be less than the ISO plus the updates after the installation, but still much, 300MB I would guess.

A tip: You can use wget as download helper for unreliable connections. Both for pacman and for downloading files manually.
For pacman edit /etc/pacman.conf and uncomment the line:
#XferCommand = /usr/bin/wget --passive-ftp -c -O %o %u
For individual files, enter the directory you want your file to be saved to with cd /path:

cd /Downloads


I can only confirm what has been written here.
Do a fresh install with a KDE medium. Anything else is a real hassle and involves lots of tweaking and editing. I have tried it and I could get it to work, but too much time is lost.

~ >>> sudo pacman -S plasma manjaro-kde-settings                                                                                                                               [127]
:: There are 43 members in group plasma:
:: Repository extra
   1) bluedevil  2) breeze  3) breeze-gtk  4) discover  5) drkonqi  6) kactivitymanagerd  7) kde-cli-tools  8) kde-gtk-config  9) kdecoration  10) kdeplasma-addons  11) kgamma5
   12) khotkeys  13) kinfocenter  14) kmenuedit  15) knetattach  16) kscreen  17) kscreenlocker  18) ksshaskpass  19) ksysguard  20) kuiserver  21) kwallet-pam  22) kwayland-integration
   23) kwin  24) kwrited  25) libkscreen  26) libksysguard  27) milou  28) oxygen  29) plasma-desktop  30) plasma-gpg-agent  31) plasma-integration  32) plasma-nm  33) plasma-pa
   34) plasma-sdk  35) plasma-ssh-agent  36) plasma-workspace  37) plasma-workspace-wallpapers  38) polkit-kde-agent  39) powerdevil  40) sddm-kcm  41) systemsettings  42) user-manager
   43) xdg-desktop-portal-kde

Enter a selection (default=all): 
resolving dependencies...
:: There are 2 providers available for phonon-qt5-backend:
:: Repository extra
   1) phonon-qt5-gstreamer  2) phonon-qt5-vlc

Enter a number (default=1): 2
looking for conflicting packages...
:: manjaro-kde-settings and manjaro-bspwm-settings are in conflict (manjaro-desktop-settings). Remove manjaro-bspwm-settings? [y/N] y
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: phonon-qt5-vlc will be installed before its phonon-qt5 dependency
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: kinit will be installed before its kio dependency

Packages (184) a52dec-0.7.4-9  appstream-0.11.3-1  appstream-qt-0.11.3-1  archlinux-appstream-data-20170719-2  attica-qt5-5.37.0-1  baloo-5.37.0-1  bluez-qt-5.37.0-1
               breath-icon-theme-0.3.0-1  breeze-icons-5.37.0-1  cdparanoia-10.2-5  cln-1.3.4-3  convertlit-1.8-7  ebook-tools-0.2.2-4  editorconfig-core-c-0.12.1-2  exiv2-0.26-1
               faad2-2.8.1-1  ffmpeg2.8-2.8.12-4  frameworkintegration-5.37.0-1  gdb-8.0-1  gdb-common-8.0-1  gst-plugins-base-1.12.2-1  gtk-theme-breath-5.9.0-1  guile2.0-2.0.14-1
               kactivities-5.37.0-1  kactivities-stats-5.37.0-1  karchive-5.37.0-1  kauth-5.37.0-1  kbookmarks-5.37.0-1  kcmutils-5.37.0-1  kcodecs-5.37.0-1  kcompletion-5.37.0-1
               kconfig-5.37.0-1  kconfigwidgets-5.37.0-1  kcoreaddons-5.37.0-1  kcrash-5.37.0-1  kdbusaddons-5.37.0-1  kdeclarative-5.37.0-1  kded-5.37.0-1  kdelibs4support-5.37.0-1
               kdesu-5.37.0-1  kemoticons-5.37.0-1  kfilemetadata-5.37.0-1  kglobalaccel-5.37.0-1  kguiaddons-5.37.0-1  kholidays-17.08.0-1  khtml-5.37.0-1  ki18n-5.37.0-1
               kiconthemes-5.37.0-1  kidletime-5.37.0-1  kinit-5.37.0-1  kio-5.37.0-1  kirigami2-5.37.0-1  kitemmodels-5.37.0-1  kitemviews-5.37.0-1  kjobwidgets-5.37.0-1  kjs-5.37.0-1
               kjsembed-5.37.0-1  knewstuff-5.37.0-1  knotifications-5.37.0-1  knotifyconfig-5.37.0-1  kpackage-5.37.0-1  kparts-5.37.0-1  kpeople-5.37.0-1  kpty-5.37.0-1  krunner-5.37.0-1
               kservice-5.37.0-1  ktexteditor-5.37.0-2  ktextwidgets-5.37.0-1  kunitconversion-5.37.0-1  kwallet-5.37.0-1  kwayland-5.37.0-1  kwidgetsaddons-5.37.0-1  kwindowsystem-5.37.0-1
               kxmlgui-5.37.0-1  kxmlrpcclient-5.37.0-1  libdbusmenu-qt5-0.9.3+16.04.20160218-1  libdca-0.0.5-5  libdmtx-0.7.4-5  libdvbpsi-1:1.3.1-1  libebml-1.3.4-2  libgit2-1:0.26.0-1
               libkate-0.4.1-5  libmatroska-1.4.7-1  libmbim-1.14.2-1  libmpcdec-1:0.1+r475-1  libmpeg2-0.5.1-5  libqalculate-1.0.0-2  libqmi-1.18.0-1  libshout-1:2.4.1-3  libtar-1.2.20-3
               libtiger-0.3.4-4  libupnp-1.6.21-2  libvisual-0.4.0-6  libzip-1.2.0-1  lmdb-0.9.21-1  manjaro-bspwm-settings-20170812-1 [removal]  manjaro-icons-20170701-1
               media-player-info-22-2  mobile-broadband-provider-info-20170310-1  modemmanager-1.6.8-1  modemmanager-qt-5.37.0-1  networkmanager-qt-5.37.0-1  openal-1.18.1-1
               phonon-qt5-4.9.1-4  phonon-qt5-vlc-0.9.1-2  plasma-framework-5.37.0-2  plasma5-themes-breath-0.3.0-1  polkit-qt5-0.112.0+git20160226-1  poppler-qt5-0.57.0-1  ppp-2.4.7-2
               prison-5.37.0-1  pulseaudio-gconf-10.0-3  qca-qt5-2.1.3-4  qrencode-3.4.4-1  qt5-declarative-5.9.1-4  qt5-graphicaleffects-5.9.1-1  qt5-location-5.9.1-2
               qt5-multimedia-5.9.1-2  qt5-quickcontrols-5.9.1-2  qt5-quickcontrols2-5.9.1-2  qt5-script-5.9.1-2  qt5-sensors-5.9.1-2  qt5-speech-5.9.1-2  qt5-tools-5.9.1-4
               qt5-webchannel-5.9.1-2  qt5-webkit-5.212.0alpha2-4  qt5-x11extras-5.9.1-2  qt5-xmlpatterns-5.9.1-2  sddm-0.14.0-2  sdl_image-1.2.12-4  socat-  solid-5.37.0-1
               sonnet-5.37.0-1  syntax-highlighting-5.37.0-1  taglib-1.11.1-1  threadweaver-5.37.0-1  ttf-hack-2.020-2  vlc-2.2.6-3  xcb-util-cursor-0.1.3-1  zvbi-0.2.35-1
               bluedevil-1:5.10.4-1  breeze-5.10.4-1  breeze-gtk-5.10.4-1  discover-5.10.4-2  drkonqi-5.10.4-2  kactivitymanagerd-5.10.4-1  kde-cli-tools-5.10.4-1  kde-gtk-config-5.10.4-1
               kdecoration-5.10.4-1  kdeplasma-addons-5.10.4-1  kgamma5-5.10.4-1  khotkeys-5.10.4-1  kinfocenter-5.10.4-1  kmenuedit-5.10.4-1  knetattach-5.10.4-1  kscreen-5.10.4-1
               kscreenlocker-5.10.4-1  ksshaskpass-5.10.4-1  ksysguard-5.10.4-1  kuiserver-5.10.4-2  kwallet-pam-5.10.4-1  kwayland-integration-5.10.4-1  kwin-5.10.4-1  kwrited-5.10.4-1
               libkscreen-5.10.4-1  libksysguard-5.10.4-1  manjaro-kde-settings-20170207-1  milou-5.10.4-1  oxygen-5.10.4-1  plasma-desktop-5.10.4-1  plasma-gpg-agent-5.5-2
               plasma-integration-5.10.4-1  plasma-nm-5.10.4-1  plasma-pa-5.10.4-1  plasma-sdk-5.10.4-1  plasma-ssh-agent-5.5-2  plasma-workspace-5.10.4-2
               plasma-workspace-wallpapers-5.10.4-1  polkit-kde-agent-5.10.4-1  powerdevil-5.10.4-1  sddm-kcm-5.10.4-1  systemsettings-5.10.4-1  user-manager-5.10.4-1

Total Download Size:   257.44 MiB
Total Installed Size:  814.51 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:      814.29 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]


sudo pacman -R xfce4 xfce4-goodies

Then copy manually all files - especially the hidden ones - from /etc/skel to ~/ .
And you will still not have all KDE application, but installing them all is an overkill.

sudo pacman -S kde-applications                                                                                                                                               
[sudo] password for eugen: 
:: There are 166 members in group kde-applications:
:: Repository extra
   1) akonadi-calendar-tools  2) akonadi-import-wizard  3) akonadiconsole  4) akregator  5) ark  6) artikulate  7) audiocd-kio  8) blinken  9) blogilo  10) bomber  11) bovo  12) cantor
   13) cervisia  14) dolphin  15) dolphin-plugins  16) dragon  17) ffmpegthumbs  18) filelight  19) granatier  20) grantlee-editor  21) gwenview  22) k3b  23) kaccounts-integration
   24) kaccounts-providers  25) kaddressbook  26) kajongg  27) kalarm  28) kalgebra  29) kalzium  30) kamera  31) kanagram  32) kapman  33) kapptemplate  34) kate  35) katomic
   36) kblackbox  37) kblocks  38) kbounce  39) kbreakout  40) kbruch  41) kcachegrind  42) kcalc  43) kcharselect  44) kcolorchooser  45) kcron  46) kde-dev-scripts  47) kde-dev-utils
   48) kdeaccessibility-jovie  49) kdeaccessibility-kaccessible  50) kdeaccessibility-kmouth  51) kdebugsettings  52) kdegames-kolf  53) kdegames-ksirk  54) kdegames-palapeli
   55) kdegraphics-mobipocket  56) kdemultimedia-juk  57) kdemultimedia-kmix  58) kdemultimedia-kscd  59) kdenetwork-filesharing  60) kdenetwork-kget  61) kdenetwork-kopete
   62) kdenetwork-kppp  63) kdenetwork-zeroconf-ioslave  64) kdenlive  65) kdepim-addons  66) kdesdk-kioslaves  67) kdesdk-thumbnailers  68) kdeutils-kremotecontrol  69) kdeutils-sweeper
   70) kdewebdev-kfilereplace  71) kdewebdev-kimagemapeditor  72) kdewebdev-klinkstatus  73) kdf  74) kdialog  75) kdiamond  76) keditbookmarks  77) kfind  78) kfloppy  79) kfourinline
   80) kgeography  81) kgoldrunner  82) kgpg  83) khangman  84) khelpcenter  85) kig  86) kigo  87) killbots  88) kio-extras  89) kiriki  90) kiten  91) kjumpingcube  92) kleopatra
   93) klettres  94) klickety  95) klines  96) kmag  97) kmahjongg  98) kmail  99) kmail-account-wizard  100) kmines  101) kmousetool  102) kmplot  103) knavalbattle  104) knetwalk
   105) knotes  106) kollision  107) kolourpaint  108) kompare  109) konqueror  110) konquest  111) konsole  112) kontact  113) korganizer  114) kpatience  115) krdc  116) kreversi
   117) krfb  118) kross-interpreters  119) kruler  120) kshisen  121) ksnakeduel  122) kspaceduel  123) ksquares  124) kstars  125) ksudoku  126) ksystemlog  127) kteatime  128) ktimer
   129) ktouch  130) ktuberling  131) kturtle  132) kubrick  133) kwalletmanager  134) kwave  135) kwordquiz  136) kwrite  137) lokalize  138) lskat  139) marble  140) mbox-importer
   141) minuet  142) okteta  143) okular  144) parley  145) picmi  146) pim-data-exporter  147) pim-sieve-editor  148) poxml  149) print-manager  150) rocs  151) signon-kwallet-extension
   152) spectacle  153) step  154) telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm  155) telepathy-kde-approver  156) telepathy-kde-auth-handler  157) telepathy-kde-call-ui  158) telepathy-kde-common-internals
   159) telepathy-kde-contact-list  160) telepathy-kde-contact-runner  161) telepathy-kde-desktop-applets  162) telepathy-kde-filetransfer-handler  163) telepathy-kde-integration-module
   164) telepathy-kde-send-file  165) telepathy-kde-text-ui  166) umbrello

Enter a selection (default=all): 
resolving dependencies...
:: There are 2 providers available for phonon-qt5-backend:
:: Repository extra
   1) phonon-qt5-gstreamer  2) phonon-qt5-vlc

Enter a number (default=1): 2
:: There are 2 providers available for phonon-qt4-backend:
:: Repository extra
   1) phonon-qt4-gstreamer  2) phonon-qt4-vlc

Enter a number (default=1): 2
looking for conflicting packages...
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: phonon-qt5-vlc will be installed before its phonon-qt5 dependency
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: kinit will be installed before its kio dependency
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: python-incremental will be installed before its python-twisted dependency
warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: phonon-qt4-vlc will be installed before its phonon-qt4 dependency

Packages (450) a52dec-0.7.4-9  aalib-1.4rc5-12  accounts-qml-module-0.7-1  akonadi-17.08.0-1  akonadi-calendar-17.08.0-1  akonadi-contacts-17.08.0-1  akonadi-mime-17.08.0-1
               akonadi-notes-17.08.0-1  akonadi-search-17.08.0-1  analitza-17.08.0-1  attica-qt4-0.4.2-3  attica-qt5-5.37.0-1  audiofile-0.3.6-4  avogadrolibs-1.90.0-5  baloo-5.37.0-1
               baloo-widgets-17.08.0-1  breeze-5.10.4-1  breeze-icons-5.37.0-1  calendarsupport-17.08.0-1  cdparanoia-10.2-5  cfitsio-3.410-1  chemical-mime-data-0.1.94-8  cln-1.3.4-3
               convertlit-1.8-7  dotconf-1.3-4  ebook-tools-0.2.2-4  editorconfig-core-c-0.12.1-2  eventviews-17.08.0-1  exiv2-0.26-1  faad2-2.8.1-1  farstream-0.2.8-1  ffmpeg2.8-2.8.12-4
               fluidsynth-1.1.6-5  frameworkintegration-5.37.0-1  gnome-mime-data-2.18.0-7  gnugo-3.8-5  grantlee-5.1.0-1  grantleetheme-17.08.0-1  gsl-2.4-1  gst-plugins-base-1.12.2-1
               gst-plugins-good-1.12.2-1  id3lib-3.8.3-16  ilmbase-2.2.0-2  incidenceeditor-17.08.0-1  jemalloc-1:5.0.1-3  kactivities-5.37.0-1  kactivitymanagerd-5.10.4-1
               kalarmcal-17.08.0-1  karchive-5.37.0-1  kauth-5.37.0-1  kblog-17.08.0-1  kbookmarks-5.37.0-1  kcalcore-17.08.0-1  kcalutils-17.08.0-1  kcmutils-5.37.0-1  kcodecs-5.37.0-1
               kcompletion-5.37.0-1  kconfig-5.37.0-1  kconfigwidgets-5.37.0-1  kcontacts-17.08.0-1  kcoreaddons-5.37.0-1  kcrash-5.37.0-1  kdav-17.08.0-1  kdbusaddons-5.37.0-1
               kde-cli-tools-5.10.4-1  kde-syndication-17.08.0-1  kdebase-runtime-17.08.0-1  kdeclarative-5.37.0-1  kdecoration-5.10.4-1  kded-5.37.0-1  kdeedu-data-17.08.0-1
               kdelibs-4.14.35-1  kdelibs4support-5.37.0-1  kdepim-apps-libs-17.08.0-1  kdepim-runtime-17.08.0-1  kdepimlibs4-4.14.10-11  kdesu-5.37.0-1  kdiagram-2.6.0-1  kdnssd-5.37.0-1
               kdoctools-5.37.0-1  kemoticons-5.37.0-1  kfilemetadata-5.37.0-1  kglobalaccel-5.37.0-1  kguiaddons-5.37.0-1  kholidays-17.08.0-1  khtml-5.37.0-1  ki18n-5.37.0-1
               kiconthemes-5.37.0-1  kidentitymanagement-17.08.0-1  kidletime-5.37.0-1  kimap-17.08.0-1  kinit-5.37.0-1  kio-5.37.0-1  kitemmodels-5.37.0-1  kitemviews-5.37.0-1
               kjobwidgets-5.37.0-1  kjs-5.37.0-1  kjsembed-5.37.0-1  kldap-17.08.0-1  kmailtransport-17.08.0-1  kmbox-17.08.0-1  kmime-17.08.0-1  knewstuff-5.37.0-1
               knotifications-5.37.0-1  knotifyconfig-5.37.0-1  kontactinterface-17.08.0-1  kpackage-5.37.0-1  kparts-5.37.0-1  kpeople-5.37.0-1  kpimtextedit-17.08.0-1  kplotting-5.37.0-1
               kpty-5.37.0-1  kqtquickcharts-17.08.0-1  kross-5.37.0-1  krunner-5.37.0-1  kscreenlocker-5.10.4-1  kservice-5.37.0-1  ktexteditor-5.37.0-2  ktextwidgets-5.37.0-1
               kuiserver-5.10.4-2  kunitconversion-5.37.0-1  kwallet-5.37.0-1  kwayland-5.37.0-1  kwidgetsaddons-5.37.0-1  kwin-5.10.4-1  kwindowsystem-5.37.0-1  kxmlgui-5.37.0-1
               kxmlrpcclient-5.37.0-1  libaccounts-glib-1.23-2  libaccounts-qt-1.15-1  libakonadi-qt4-1.13.0-13  libao-1.2.2-1  libburn-1.4.6-1  libdbusmenu-qt4-0.9.3+16.04.20160218-1
               libdbusmenu-qt5-0.9.3+16.04.20160218-1  libdca-0.0.5-5  libdiscid-0.6.2-1  libdmtx-0.7.4-5  libdv-1.0.0-7  libdvbpsi-1:1.3.1-1  libebml-1.3.4-2  libgit2-1:0.26.0-1
               libgravatar-17.08.0-1  libindi-1.5.0-1  libkate-0.4.1-5  libkcddb-17.08.0-1  libkcompactdisc-17.08.0-1  libkdcraw-17.08.0-1  libkdegames-17.08.0-1  libkdegames4-14.12.3-3
               libkdepim-17.08.0-1  libkeduvocdocument-17.08.0-1  libkexiv2-17.08.0-1  libkgapi-17.08.0-1  libkipi-17.08.0-1  libkleo-17.08.0-1  libkmahjongg-17.08.0-1  libkolab-1.0.2-3
               libkolabxml-1.1.6-4  libkomparediff2-17.08.0-1  libksane-17.08.0-1  libksieve-17.08.0-1  libksysguard-5.10.4-1  libktnef-17.08.0-1  libmariadbclient-10.1.26-1
               libmatroska-1.4.7-1  libmms-0.6.4-1  libmng-2.0.3-1  libmpcdec-1:0.1+r475-1  libmpeg2-0.5.1-5  libmusicbrainz3-3.0.3-4  libmusicbrainz5-5.1.0-2  libnice-0.1.14-1
               libnova-0.15.0-1  libotr-4.1.1-1  libqaccessibilityclient-0.2.0-2  libqalculate-1.0.0-2  libraw-0.18.2-1  libshout-1:2.4.1-3  libsignon-glib-1.14-2  libspeechd-0.8.7-3
               libsrtp-1:1.5.4-2  libtar-1.2.20-3  libtiger-0.3.4-4  libupnp-1.6.21-2  libvisual-0.4.0-6  libvncserver-0.9.11-2  libzip-1.2.0-1  lmdb-0.9.21-1  mailcommon-17.08.0-1
               mailimporter-17.08.0-1  marble-common-17.08.0-1  marble-data-17.08.0-1  mariadb-10.1.26-1  mariadb-clients-10.1.26-1  media-player-info-22-2  messagelib-17.08.0-1
               milou-5.10.4-1  mlt-6.4.1-8  molequeue-0.8.0-1  openal-1.18.1-1  openbabel-2.4.1-4  openexr-2.2.0-3  openslp-2.0.0-2  oxygen-icons-1:5.37.0-1  phonon-qt4-4.9.1-4
               phonon-qt4-vlc-0.9.1-2  phonon-qt5-4.9.1-4  phonon-qt5-vlc-0.9.1-2  pimcommon-17.08.0-1  plasma-framework-5.37.0-2  plasma-integration-5.10.4-1  plasma-workspace-5.10.4-2
               polkit-qt4-0.112.0+git20160226-1  polkit-qt5-0.112.0+git20160226-1  poppler-qt5-0.57.0-1  ppp-2.4.7-2  prison-5.37.0-1  protobuf-3.3.2-1  purpose-1.1-2  pyqt5-common-5.9-1
               python-attrs-17.2.0-1  python-automat-0.6.0-1  python-click-6.7-1  python-constantly-15.1.0-2  python-hyperlink-17.3.1-1  python-incremental-17.5.0-1  python-pyqt5-5.9-1
               python-sip-4.19.3-1  python-twisted-17.5.0-1  python-xdg-0.25-4  python-zope-interface-4.4.2-1  qca-qt4-2.1.3-4  qca-qt5-2.1.3-4  qgpgme-1.9.0-3  qhull-2015.2-2
               qimageblitz-0.0.6-5  qjson-0.9.0-1  qrencode-3.4.4-1  qt-gstreamer-1.2.0-1  qt4-4.8.7-22  qt5-declarative-5.9.1-4  qt5-graphicaleffects-5.9.1-1  qt5-location-5.9.1-2
               qt5-multimedia-5.9.1-2  qt5-quickcontrols-5.9.1-2  qt5-quickcontrols2-5.9.1-2  qt5-script-5.9.1-2  qt5-sensors-5.9.1-2  qt5-speech-5.9.1-2  qt5-tools-5.9.1-4
               qt5-webchannel-5.9.1-2  qt5-webengine-5.9.1-3  qt5-webkit-5.212.0alpha2-4  qt5-x11extras-5.9.1-2  qt5-xmlpatterns-5.9.1-2  sdl_image-1.2.12-4  signon-plugin-oauth2-0.24-1
               signon-ui-0.17+20150611-1  signond-8.59-1  sip-4.19.3-1  solid-5.37.0-1  sonnet-5.37.0-1  speech-dispatcher-0.8.7-3  spglib-1.9.9-1  syntax-highlighting-5.37.0-1
               taglib-1.11.1-1  telepathy-accounts-signon-1.0-1  telepathy-farstream-0.6.2-4  telepathy-glib-0.24.1-1  telepathy-logger-0.8.2-2  telepathy-logger-qt-15.04.0-2
               telepathy-mission-control-5.16.4-2  telepathy-qt-0.9.7-1  threadweaver-5.37.0-1  tidy-5.4.0-2  ttf-hack-2.020-2  vlc-2.2.6-3  wavpack-5.1.0-1  wcslib-5.16-2
               xapian-core-1:1.4.4-1  xcb-util-cursor-0.1.3-1  xerces-c-3.1.4-1  zvbi-0.2.35-1  akonadi-calendar-tools-17.08.0-1  akonadi-import-wizard-17.08.0-1  akonadiconsole-17.08.0-1
               akregator-17.08.0-1  ark-17.08.0-1  artikulate-17.08.0-1  audiocd-kio-17.08.0-1  blinken-17.08.0-1  blogilo-17.08.0-1  bomber-17.08.0-1  bovo-17.08.0-1  cantor-17.08.0-1
               cervisia-17.08.0-1  dolphin-17.08.0-1  dolphin-plugins-17.08.0-1  dragon-17.08.0-1  ffmpegthumbs-17.08.0-1  filelight-17.08.0-1  granatier-17.08.0-1
               grantlee-editor-17.08.0-1  gwenview-17.08.0-1  k3b-1:17.08.0-1  kaccounts-integration-17.08.0-1  kaccounts-providers-17.08.0-1  kaddressbook-17.08.0-1  kajongg-17.08.0-1
               kalarm-17.08.0-1  kalgebra-17.08.0-1  kalzium-17.08.0-1  kamera-17.08.0-1  kanagram-17.08.0-1  kapman-17.08.0-1  kapptemplate-17.08.0-2  kate-17.08.0-1  katomic-17.08.0-1
               kblackbox-17.08.0-1  kblocks-17.08.0-1  kbounce-17.08.0-1  kbreakout-17.08.0-1  kbruch-17.08.0-1  kcachegrind-17.08.0-1  kcalc-17.08.0-1  kcharselect-17.08.0-1
               kcolorchooser-17.08.0-1  kcron-17.08.0-1  kde-dev-scripts-17.08.0-1  kde-dev-utils-17.08.0-1  kdeaccessibility-jovie-17.08.0-1  kdeaccessibility-kaccessible-17.08.0-1
               kdeaccessibility-kmouth-17.08.0-1  kdebugsettings-17.08.0-1  kdegames-kolf-17.08.0-1  kdegames-ksirk-17.08.0-1  kdegames-palapeli-17.08.0-1  kdegraphics-mobipocket-17.08.0-1
               kdemultimedia-juk-17.08.0-1  kdemultimedia-kmix-17.08.0-1  kdemultimedia-kscd-17.08.0-1  kdenetwork-filesharing-17.08.0-1  kdenetwork-kget-17.08.0-1
               kdenetwork-kopete-17.08.0-1  kdenetwork-kppp-17.08.0-1  kdenetwork-zeroconf-ioslave-17.08.0-1  kdenlive-17.08.0-1  kdepim-addons-17.08.0-1  kdesdk-kioslaves-17.08.0-1
               kdesdk-thumbnailers-17.08.0-1  kdeutils-kremotecontrol-17.08.0-1  kdeutils-sweeper-17.08.0-1  kdewebdev-kfilereplace-17.08.0-1  kdewebdev-kimagemapeditor-17.08.0-1
               kdewebdev-klinkstatus-17.08.0-1  kdf-17.08.0-1  kdialog-17.08.0-1  kdiamond-17.08.0-1  keditbookmarks-17.08.0-1  kfind-17.08.0-1  kfloppy-17.08.0-1  kfourinline-17.08.0-1
               kgeography-17.08.0-1  kgoldrunner-17.08.0-1  kgpg-17.08.0-1  khangman-17.08.0-1  khelpcenter-17.08.0-1  kig-17.08.0-1  kigo-17.08.0-1  killbots-17.08.0-1
               kio-extras-17.08.0-1  kiriki-17.08.0-1  kiten-17.08.0-1  kjumpingcube-17.08.0-1  kleopatra-17.08.0-1  klettres-17.08.0-1  klickety-17.08.0-1  klines-17.08.0-1  kmag-17.08.0-1
               kmahjongg-17.08.0-1  kmail-17.08.0-1  kmail-account-wizard-17.08.0-1  kmines-17.08.0-1  kmousetool-17.08.0-1  kmplot-17.08.0-1  knavalbattle-17.08.0-1  knetwalk-17.08.0-1
               knotes-17.08.0-1  kollision-17.08.0-1  kolourpaint-17.08.0-1  kompare-17.08.0-1  konqueror-17.08.0-1  konquest-17.08.0-1  konsole-17.08.0-1  kontact-17.08.0-1
               korganizer-17.08.0-1  kpatience-17.08.0-1  krdc-17.08.0-1  kreversi-17.08.0-1  krfb-17.08.0-1  kross-interpreters-17.08.0-1  kruler-17.08.0-1  kshisen-17.08.0-1
               ksnakeduel-17.08.0-1  kspaceduel-17.08.0-1  ksquares-17.08.0-1  kstars-17.08.0-1  ksudoku-17.08.0-1  ksystemlog-17.08.0-1  kteatime-17.08.0-1  ktimer-17.08.0-1
               ktouch-17.08.0-1  ktuberling-17.08.0-1  kturtle-17.08.0-1  kubrick-17.08.0-1  kwalletmanager-17.08.0-1  kwave-17.08.0-1  kwordquiz-17.08.0-1  kwrite-17.08.0-1
               lokalize-17.08.0-1  lskat-17.08.0-1  marble-17.08.0-1  mbox-importer-17.08.0-1  minuet-17.08.0-1  okteta-17.08.0-1  okular-17.08.0-1  parley-17.08.0-1  picmi-17.08.0-1
               pim-data-exporter-17.08.0-1  pim-sieve-editor-17.08.0-1  poxml-17.08.0-1  print-manager-17.08.0-1  rocs-17.08.0-1  signon-kwallet-extension-17.08.0-1  spectacle-17.08.0-1
               step-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-approver-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-auth-handler-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-call-ui-17.08.0-1
               telepathy-kde-common-internals-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-contact-list-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-contact-runner-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-desktop-applets-17.08.0-1
               telepathy-kde-filetransfer-handler-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-integration-module-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-send-file-17.08.0-1  telepathy-kde-text-ui-17.08.0-1

Total Download Size:    798.66 MiB
Total Installed Size:  2563.89 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]


Me too vote for fresh install.
But to have multiple DEs, is good to test them before you reach the decision that which one to use.
I had 4 DEs at once, but then installed Plasma freshly.


If you are not entirely a beginner to Linux (and computers in general), you can do a fresh install of KDE on a separate partition without needing to download the whole KDE iso using the Manjaro-Architect cli net-installer and running it from your existing Xfce installation. In this case, if your system is up-to-date, the common files will be just copied from your Xfce installation instead of getting downloaded again, and only the KDE-specific files will be downloaded.

In this tutorial it says architect iso, if you run it from an existing desktop environment, you only have to install the manjaro-architect package in your Xfce installation then run it in the terminal with sudo.

If you find this too confusing or too much hassle, I also recommend downloading the KDE iso and using that for a fresh install.


If your internet is “bad” you may want to hold off doing anything, if it will improve. “Bad” is not very descriptive. I installed KDE from scratch over a “bad” internet connection last week and ended up with a “bad” installation. Had to do it all over again after getting a “good” internet provider.

If you mean metered, then it is possible that Linux is not for you. Linux was born on the 'net, and everything good Linux-wise comes from the 'net. And a rolling release such as Manjaro needs connectivity or it just isn’t very fun. If your circumstances penalizes you too heavily, perhaps an up-to-date fixed-release might be preferable?

If you need to ask how to do it, then I suggest @eugen-b’s instructions will work, but can you work them?

I can only echo what most of the others have stated. Download the KDE ISO. You’ll have it on-hand from then on. And you might save the rest of us a ton of work trying to help you solve a fail. :wink:



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