Install i3 edition on Raspberry Pi, from Raspberry Pi


Is there any way I can install Manjaro i3 edition on a Raspberry Pi 3B?
My only system is Raspbian (Debian Stretch, armv7l)?
If there was an i3 edition for Raspberry, the users like me would appreciate. Thank You.

Manjaro ARM 19.04 released!

You can use the manjaro-arm-installer from the repo.
In that you choose the device and the edition yourself and it creates the install directly on the SD card.

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When I try to run manjaro-arm-installer, it gives me the following error:

*root@raspberrypi:/home/pi/Desktop/manjaro-arm-installer# bash manjaro-arm-installer *
parted command is missing! Please install parted!

I have parted installed as well as other dependencies on my Raspbian (Debian Stretch).


Sorry to bother!
I edited the script to direct parted location to /sbin and it's working.


Well, the installer should be run from your desktop computer. Not the Pi it self.


The issue is I dont have any other device other than the Pi. Thanks anyways.


The how would you install Manjaro ARM anyway?


I am trying to write to another SD card with a card reader, I am not sure it is possible, perhaps you can help me.


Okay. It should be possible, if all the dependencies are met. Check the README on the gitlab page for all dependencies needed.

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