Install i3 aside another DE - how?

Is it possible to install i3 along an already existing DE (bspwm) using manjaro-architect?

And an additional question: I'm used to not use a login-manager (i deleted lightdm after the installation). Is there a way to choose nevertheless the DE whereto i'd like to login?

Yes, you can install along side.

Yes, there is but I have never tried it.

:edit: Also

Oops, misread - you cannot use Architect to do this, just use pacman.

I have:



  1. My question was rather: Is it better (and possible) to use manjaro-architect (I'd presume to do it in the way - mounting a drive (without formatting) -> go to install a DE -> i3) or via pacui and the i3-manjaro package. Since i did something like that once with awesome via pacui and it was pretty awful to gather all needed files. So, my impression is, the "manjaro-architect way" would install a (more) complete version - if that way is possible and not destructive to the already existing installation.

  2. I'll have a look at.

Ok, i trust your experience. But i remember, once i installed some additional drivers via manjaro-architect .... (?)

Sorry, misread - see my other post. Architect is a base installer, not used for customizing your system after install.

I installed i3 with

Best to create a new user though (I don't if I install manually as I have more control).

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thats just the normal .. you might want to get some other manjaro-specific things if you want to better reflect the i3 spin that is usually provided. let us know what you find, so we can update the wiki :wink:

...actually .. found these in our i3 group:

13 community/manjaro-wallpapers-by-lunix-i3 1.1-1 (175.9 KiB 206.0 KiB) 
    Manjaro Wallpapers By Lunix - i3
12 community/manjaro-openbox-config-i3 1.0-1 (22.0 KiB 107.0 KiB) 
    Manjaro Openbox Configuration for i3
11 community/manjaro-i3-settings-bldbk 20190912-1 (36.6 KiB 250.0 KiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    Manjaro Linux i3 settings
10 community/manjaro-i3-settings 20191111-1 (40.0 KiB 103.3 KiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    Manjaro Linux i3 settings
9 community/i3status-manjaro 2.13-3 (49.5 KiB 148.0 KiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    customized status bar for manjaro-i3, dzen2 or xmobar
8 community/i3exit 20200217-1 (6.9 KiB 1.0 KiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    Systemd/OpenRC-compatible exit-script for i3, including 'blurlock'
7 community/i3-scripts 20200226-1 (7.7 KiB 4.6 KiB) 
    Scripts and wrappers for manjaro-i3
6 community/i3-help 20180110-1 (53.4 KiB 72.0 KiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    help-files for manjaro-i3
5 community/i3-default-artwork 20190912-1 (68.1 KiB 120.0 KiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    Default wallpaper and icons for manjaro-i3
4 community/dmenu-manjaro 4.9-4 (24.0 KiB 54.6 KiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    customized recency-aware dmenu for manjaro-i3 with xft- and mouse-support
3 community/conky-i3 20180507-1 (6.6 KiB 38.0 KiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    Conkies for manjaro-i3 in grey, green, solarized or 'maia' colors
2 community/calamares-oem-bldbk-i3-settings 20200211-1 (28.6 KiB 66.0 KiB) 
    Manjaro OEM BLDBK-I3-Settings
1 community/artwork-i3 20190912-1 (4.1 MiB 5.9 MiB) [i3-manjaro] 
    Wallpapers for manjaro-i3

So.. first the stuff in the wiki:
sudo pacman -S i3-wm

(and the following are also optional: i3lock, i3status, i3-gaps)

Then for manjaro spin stuff you have the group and the scripts which are somehow not in the group:

sudo pacman -S i3-manjaro i3-scripts

(manjaro-wallpapers-by-lunix-i3 is also there if you want them)

Dunno, drivers are normally installed using mhwd.

It could be possible - but only if you choose the non-manjaro desktop installations.

You probably know that several guides have been written to do installation using command line.

When you do so you have the ultimate control and can install whatever you like and customize to the extend you like.

You will not be able to install the settings packages for a given edition as they usually conflict but with the expertise I must assume you have gathered - you already has the necessary configurations in place on an external storage medium.

You just copy those files to your new installation - and that is pretty much it.

There is a few files which are bound to conflict every time

  • defining gtk2/3 theme
  • icon theme
  • cursor theme.

Those settings must be shared - unless you use different users - but doing so makes no sense - at least not to me.

This package was actually created so you could install i3 alongside Openbox without conflicts.

Just out of curiousity: What for you need obenbox-i3, i.e. just another window manager when i3 itself is a window manager too? :roll_eyes:

EDIT: @linux-aarhus: Sorry, i didn't see the end of your msg. Question answered :stuck_out_tongue:

I shouldnt have included it, as aarhus said above:

This way, it does not work: manjaro-i3-settings and manjaro-bspwm-settings are conflicting.

I told you - manjaro settings conflict.

In the archwiki about console_tdm is said:

Regardless of which shell is used you should edit ~/.xinitrc by replace your existing exec line with:

exec tdm --xstart

But how would that apply to this statement in my .xinitrc?

if [ $TERM = linux ] || [ -e "/etc/systemd/system/$(whoami).service" ] ; then
# Here Bspwm is kept as default

case $session in
    awesome 	      ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session awesome;; 
    jwm 	      ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session jwm;;
    deepin    	      ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session startdde;;
    enlightenment     ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session enlightenment_start;;
    gnome             ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session gnome-session;;
    bspwm 	      ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session bspwm-session;;
    i3|i3wm           ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session i3;;
    lxde 	      ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session startlxde;;
    lxqt              ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session lxqt-session;;
    i3|i3wm           ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session i3;;
    kde               ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session startkde;;
    cinnamon          ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session cinnamon-session;;
    budgie            ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session budgie-desktop;;
    mate              ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session mate-session;;
    openbox           ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session openbox-session;;
    xfce|xfce4        ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session startxfce4;;
    # No known session, try to run it as command
    *                 ) exec dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session $1;;

As I said, I have never used them, I just know of them :smiley: Sorry. I use SDDM.

Bump. I would LOVE to setup LXDE with i3 window tiling. . . I don't care if it's "Manjaro" branded stuff necessarily. I've been trying to find better documentation with all of this stuff, and it doesn't seem super common.

Would the best solution be to setup LXDE, and then port in base i3 stuff? I'm currently running Manjaro i3, could I bring in a base LXDE to work with it. Ideally I really just love the tiling windows, and a very simple DE would just be nice - and I really like LXDE anyway.

I run i3wn installed from ISO and I added Gnome as second DE, no problem found, both work together flawlessly. To do that I removed all orphans then I had to remove manjaro-i3-settings (conflict with manjaro-gnome-settings) make new orphans as explicitly installed and I then installed manjaro-gnome.
Yesterday I wanted to have plasma there, but it does not work even if I use plasma for different account, it simply broke my media key under i3wm, after Rsc on plasma i3wm could use those buttons again, it would probably be fixable but I am not experienced to dig that deep. I also rather use gdm so more work but it works.

Have a look at LARBS. Create a new user to play with and run Luke's script.

Then add the bits from LXDE.

So it's easier to add LXDE to i3? That would be my issue, I keep going the OTHER way think it's easier to add i3 to the initial install.

LXDE is openbox, replace with i3.

i3 just add panel and autostart programs.

6 or two 3's :smiley:

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