Install fails - Manjaro XFCE 21.0.4 - error raised, failed to create partition

I used to boot from an external usb hdd, Manjaro XFCE.
This hdd seems to have a hardware failure, so I decided to install a fresh Manjaro XFCE on the internal hdd.
On the internal hdd, there used to be win10, which I didn’t use for about 2 years.

So I booted Manjaro XFCE 21.0.4 from an usb stick.
I started Gparted and deleted from the internal hdd: the win10, the 1st partition and recovery partition.
Then I started the installation process of Manjaro onto the internal hdd.

On the deleted and merge partition of 1st & 2nd I wanted to install Manjaro, so I flagged in Calamares:
Mount point: /
Flags: drapeau, bios-grub, racine

What I’m doing wrong?

My guess is that you do not have a uefi boot partition to install to, looking at the partition table. It could also be a issue with the type, is it a mbr partition table, then no uefi, If it is a mbr partition there could not be more the 4 real partitions, iirc. more info:

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It’s an 10 year old laptop, with BIOS, no uefi.
Now I wonder, if I didn’t make a mistake in delete sda1 which was the partition I suppose with the boot menu.
sda2, was the partition with win10.
I did suppose grub would install itself on the newly merge sda1+sda2 partition.
partitions sda5, sda6, sd7 are ntfs with data, which all are ok.

I found!
I just Gparted in ext4 the sys partition, before running Calamares.

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