Install error L2TP plugin network manager




I get the below error when trying to install the plugin, but I have no idea what to do about it. Your help is appreciated.



Did you try:

gpg --recv-keys 49A7787EF8D3C039

from ?


Nope, I did not. I’ve ‘read’ the page roughly before though, but missed that tiny comment. Also the github page did not leave a clue.

Performed the import of the key and the package now builds fine.



It was a small comments, and I did have an advantage because I was looking for the recv-keys command. :slight_smile: However sometimes I’ve seen it used by with an additional host parameter, and I’m not 100% on that, so I was trying to find it with that exact key.


See also

And finally, minor thing, if you can copy and paste text output, please paste text instead of uploading a screenshot. Text is easier to read, searchable, and takes up 1% of the disk space.


Will do, I was not sure about the error so opted to show the whole context. But I catch your drift. Thanks!

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