"install alongside" dropped or it's my hardware?

dear all,
I’m changing my laptop and I’ve got an Asus Vivobook S14, obviously already with Windows on it, and as it’s there I’d like to keep it but with Manjaro as the main OS.
Now, I remember and I see from the pdf User Guide that there are/were 4 options in the installer once you get to the Partitions windows: install alongside, replace a partition, erase disk and manual partitioning.
Asus has a 500 GB ssd, and on the Windows side is as updated as it can be. Also no problem to boot into Manjaro (tried Openbox and xfce) or Elementary.
However the first, install alongside, doesn’t show up… why? It’s not there anymore? It’s something in my machine that the installer doesn’t like and can’t offer that option?
Is there a detailed (and easy enough to follow) guide somewhere on how to do this seemingly quite scary manual partitioning? Scary because I’m not that keen to spend a lot of time and then finding Windows doesn’t boot anymore…


Hi there :wave:

That tutorial could be helpful:



thanks, I’ll go through the tutorial, I hope I won’t make any major mistake :slight_smile:
The 2 stars “only” difficulty is quite encouraging :wink: