Instalation Manjaro 21.0 Ornara | XFCE linux on Asus T100TAM

It is 64 bit system vith 32 bit EFI. Instalation usb does not boot.

  1. Mount USB stick to /mnt and copy files from downloaded manjaro-version-xxxx.iso:

    # bsdtar -x -f manjaro-version-xxxx.iso -C /mnt

  2. Copy BOOT32IA.EFI and grub.cfg “drive.googledotcom/drive/folders/1zgrI3sIdm0HmlHB28TNjpaBXA_iE-UV9?usp=sharing” to /mnt/efi/boot directory on USB stick. Or make one yourselfs according Archlinux wiki (UEFI). Eventualy edit grub.cfg to fit your needs.

  3. Boot and install like usualy.

Allmost all is ok out of box (only internal camera is not working - lack support in kernell). Wery nice ready to use XFCE :). Thank you for your hard work. I am not sure what category chose, but I want to write this for someone with the same PC. Sorry for my poor english :slight_smile: . I don’t test tablet mode - rotation, keyboard on screen etc.

:+1: Thank you for sharing! :+1:

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