Input needed on troubleshooting hardware and producing system logs

Hello folks, hope you’re having a great day!

Let me try to explain my current situation: My machine started to hard lock approximately 2-3 months ago while playing Warframe. However, this is not a gaming support request - the trouble is that there are absolutely no logs, pointing to whatever has happened.

I’m looking for advice on how to set up some sort of monitoring/logging/debugging system. I have a home server and i can set up a remote virtual machine to keep the logs. What would the best course of action?

As for the actual crashing - i’ve gone through pretty much everything, besides trying another PSU. Another distro (PopOS!) crashes in the exact same way and there are no logs as well.

Thank you in advance!

Since there are no logs of relevance, could the drive it is stored on be the issue? From experience I can tell a long tale of going through 3 nvme drives, a motherboard and CPU swap before concluding that either kingston nvme drives are not functioning properly with my motherboard and/or they are not well made.

This seems like a complex solution, but if the network is not down, doing the reverse is an option and no need for a remote syslog server: ssh into your system and when it locks up and the connection is still up reading the log could be possible.

Hi @Hanzel,

All drives have been tested, including running different distros from different drives with the rest of them unplugged. This includes NVME, SSD and a mechanical drive.

SSH from a VM to my main (crashing) machine is an option, however I tried it once and there was no log output during/after a crash - the SSH connection simply went dead without providing anything. I was wondering if there is a special logging server/daemon type of system.

Since the network is down to it seems to me that a connection from the crashing machine has little chance of success, but it is worth a try, now there is nothing. No experience setting something like that up so I hope someone has some tips/ examples. Syslog-ng page on the arch wiki looks like a good start: syslog-ng - ArchWiki

I know it can be frustrating and I hope you are able to solve the crashing issue.