Input methods installed additionally does not appear in Gnome settings

I’ve been having a great time typing Chinese with Manjaro; however, after I installed a recent package updates, it just broke and I can’t no longer type Chinese with iBus.

At first, I can still type Chinese, and the problem was just that the window for word selection becomes transparent (hope you guys know what I’m talking about), and I wanted to fix it so I removed iBus and installed it again.

But this time the input method just disappeared from Gnome settings. (I have ibus-chewing installed, but I cannot select in Gnome settings -> Language & Regions -> Add input sources.)

Is it a bug due to the system itself or iBus or whatever else? I have reinstalled iBus and even Gnome itself, but I just can’t get Chinese input back.

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I have the same problem of Chinese pinyin indicator after system update early this morning, and I am waiting for solution.

Go to pamac-manager and install ibus-chewing by AUR…
I’m running gnome 3.38 on intel core i3… my ibus-avro runs well. Go to gnome-control-centre — Region & Language. Click on the + button… search chinese for your language…Done :grinning: