Inkscape lag on startup

I have noticed that the startup of inkscape has become rather slow in its startup.

From the moment when inkscape opens its window and the moment when it displays a file (or an empty canvas) almost 10 seconds are needed. I find this strange because I also use inkscape on an ubuntu machine where there is no such lag at all.

Am I the only one experiencing this? What can be the reason?

Made more investigations. Don’t think it is anything related to Manjaro or Arch, but most likely just an upstream issue (Bug #418726 “Very long startup time with many fonts installed - ...” : Bugs : Inkscape and Bug #430328 “Speedup startup when many many fonts installed” : Bugs : Inkscape). The differences that I see with the ubuntu machines are due to the fact that the latter has a faster disk, so that all the font scanning that inkscape does at every startup is a bit faster there.

And finally found the solution myself. Sorry for the noise.
Indeed an upstream issue: Canvas slowdown at startup if there is any dialog with a Font List widget opened (Text and Font/Unicode Characters) (#1107) · Issues · Inkscape / inkscape · GitLab
Making sure that there is no Text and Font dialog open when you start inkscape solves the issue.
The difference that I was noticing between the two machines was due to this, not to Manjaro packaging vs Ubuntu packaging, nor to the disk speeds.

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