Initial impressions

odd forum, i’d like to see this topic as a list of threads, but ok
I spend the other night switching from LMint to this distro
It took about 6 or so tries with different distros, i lost count.
Most could not handle the hardware.
Manjaro has worked very well straight away.

  1. Nvidia driver AOK, installed by default, yay!
  2. Audio works, play youtube video, ok.
  3. Install Chromium for YoutubeTV, no need to install 3rd party codecs, OK
  4. Customize desktop; using ‘traditional’ layout of GNOME, ala windows look, moved taskbar to left (the modern wide screen needs all it’s vertical space for apps, autohide is meh)
  5. Install Steam (3 versions, ok); currently using LSI version, proton 6.3.* i think; AOK
  6. Install Minion Masters; quit guild, join new guild with better players, CHECK ;#) with 3 minutes to spare before server shutdown and new ‘battle pass’ (the crowd goes wild… )


  1. I haven’t figured out how to remove the trash and ‘home’ icons, but i put trash lower right and home upper left, it’s ‘ok’; maybe change trash icon to look less ‘trashy’ lol
  2. Strange glitch with ‘activity view’ where it would not return to normal view, forced to log out; haven’t seen it lately, but the 2 or 3 times it happened were too much

. Really like the option on install for swap file, as my SSD is only 120g (might turn off hibernate though, meh; laptop thing really)
. I like the Gnome with the panel on the left (not the ‘new’ view with the ‘top bar’, traditional view windows style but move panel to left; it’s great; i was reluctant to use gnome because i did not like the top bar at all; i’m anti-apple rather a lot; but now i am loving it after realizing i don’t really ‘see’ the far left and right of the screen, imo it’s just for the videos, of course; but now i realize the taskbar can go there and not need to be hidden)
. package management is good, but sometimes i wonder what it is doing, meaning the gui thing; i’ve only used the default, i hear there is another
. nice ‘dark’ theme, appreciated

Forum looks like for cell phones, ugh; can we get a ‘desktop version’?

Thanks for making it great… killah man jar oh yeah

jamvaru ;#)


Illumaniti eye emoji, shift+678… been there since dawn of typewriter, huh