Info: to set up "no action" when closing lid on a Lenovo T420 in a Mini Series 3 Docking Station

I have an external monitor and keyboard attached to my Lenovo T420 which sits in a Mini 3 Series Docking station.

Unfortunately, Manjaro offers no option under its Power Management settings to ignore status of the T420’s lid when closed. However, an ignore action was obtained by editing the configuration file(s) as follows

In /etc/UPower/UPower.conf, and beneath the comment # Do we ignore the lid state, ensure the line setting IgnoreLid is not commented out and set it to “true” .
This line should now look like

IgnoreLid= true

(n.b. in my configuration file, the line above it # default=false remains unchanged as a comment)

This is the only change required here to this configuration file, and thus should be saved and closed.

In /etc/systemd/logind.conf, two settings are required as follows


(n.b. Ensure these two lines are not commented out by being immediately preceded by a “#” character)


xfce 4.18
GTK 3.24.38