Infinite login loop / critical error

Yesterday (after a software update) Manjaro on my laptop (not this desktop, however) stopped functioning. Logging in sends me back to the login screen, in an infinite loop. Yes, I remember the password correctly, I’ve been using it for a century or so. Getting a terminal with Ctrl-Alt-F2 and logging in there to debug or update the system aborts with a “critical message” error. So I can’t get in one way or another. I suppose I could get to grub, but what would I do there to find a way to fix this? Short of reinstalling, is there anything I can try? Any help would be most appreciated.

More or less you will have to do this:

It seems there is a bug which is currently in the procedure of being fixed, have a look into this thread:

Thank you, this works, only it doesn’t do anything. pacman -Syyu says “there is nothing to do”. Then I reboot, and the problem persists. :neutral_face:

Has anyone any other idea how to solve this? I’m stuck. :frowning:

I has this same error!

Press Ctrl + Alt + F4 and I solved with this command: sudo pacman -S cinnamon

Well, I have xfce so I suppose this won’t help me, but thanks.

I waited a few days and ran the routine above again, this time actually updating the system quite some. Still no luck, though when the I try to login now I briefly see an error “failed to start user manager for UID 1000” before being thrown back to the login screen.

Does this give a clue as to what the problem is?

So actually this here contained the apparent solution to my problem.

Specifically “Ok it appears that a file named .pam_environment was present under my home directory. I deleted this file and login is now successful.”

So did I, and I could now login successfully.