Inertial Scrolling, dragging, pinching, and right clicking

Hey there.
I’ve looked pretty far on the internet about this.
How do I enable the following features on my touchpad?

  • Inertial Scrolling
  • Dragging such that if I hit the edge of my touchpad while dragging, the dragging continues automatically in the direction of the edge I hit, while I can still move the item I am dragging myself as well
  • Right clicking with BOTH 2 finger taps & presses and pressing the bottom right corner of my touchpad.
  • Pinching to perform certain actions. It doesn’t work well at the moment, when I try to pinch it’s really difficult to get the system to recognise that. Also, it’s a bit too sensitive.
    Driver is libinput. I’m using fusuma as well for some gestures.