Increase swap size

I want to add 2GB to my swap partition from another ntfs partition, I searched but got nothing, there are only tutos how to create new ones.

Mmm, read the wiki you must.


Already did, It has no mention to how to increase swap partition’s size.

It would be more efficient to get rid of the swap partition and use a swap file as outlined in the wiki article above–especially if you want to resize it on a whim.

Partitions are partitons. See Parted - ArchWiki


You can’t manipulate your partitions from a running system, so boot up with a live iso and run gparted.
Shrink your ntfs and enlarge your swap to your desired size.

(Maybe you have to format this 2 gig to ext4 first…)

Resizing ntfs partitions is best done from Windows - if you have that opportunity.
gparted might work, but it’s better and safer to use the native tools

We don’t (yet) know whether these two partitions are side by side.

most of this is mainly a response to @medmedin the original poster

If they are side by side then this could be easy.
… will need to change/adapt the UUID for the swap partition in /etc/fstab afterwards.

If they are not side by side - this plan very simply will not work.
Then you can’t just cut off a piece of one and attach it to the other side.

Instead, just add a swap file to increase the total available swap space.

But whether this will do for you depends on:
why (the reason) you want to do this in the first place.

Why would you want to increase the available swap space?

… not just this one - I like Yoda star wars style quotes :wink:

Thanks, GParted live iso worked perfectly, even windows 10 wouldn’t let me shrink non system ntfs partitions (even after cleaning, checking and de-fragmenting) but GParted did it like champion.

Great it worked out!

Tip: GParted is included on the Manjaro ISO’s, no need for that.

My case is that linux swap and ntfs partitions are not adjacent so I had to pass by an ext4 system partition

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