Inconsistent icons in breath theme

There are two different folder icons on my desktop for some reason… New folders I create via the new> folder option appear green while the ones I drop from somewhere else appear light blue with file pics on them… is this a bug or is my config messed up… I’d like it all to be the light blue icon, how do I do that?

r/kde - Different folder icons

In the above screenshot, Neo and a were copied over from an external drive and the Blender folder was extracted from a compressed archive using Ark took whereas c and b were created from the right-click menu.

The weird thing is my dolphin icon is something else entirely.

r/kde - Different folder icons

r/kde - Different folder icons

If I change the theme, it seems to change the colors, but there are two different icons now.


*changed to breeze dark rounded corners

I’m using Manjaro KDE Plasma I think the green Icons are the default of the breath theme, but then what’s wrong with the blue ones?


something even weird happened when I renamed the folders… the three blue folders changed to light green?


Hi @PlutonianFairy
I can’t confirm this behavior here using breath dark theme.

For full accent colour compatibility according to KDE design I suggest to try the Breeze, Breeze Dark or Breeze Twilight theme with the respective Breeze icons in system settings. With it also the Dolphin tray icon should take accent colour accordingly.
Breath themes are based on Breeze but come with Manjaro customization. E.g. Dolphin icon will stay green-ish.

Please try and see if it’s according to your liking and whether it fixes the inconsistency.

Breath icon theme is deprecated for quite some time now.

Use Breeze, and check the .cache folder. Once you apply the icon theme might clean the cache and log out and back in …

You are looking at this:

Why do you think that Dolphin should use a folder icon? It has a separate one.

that bug is the same for me… any solution to it?
It seems to get the blue from the system accent color…

I prefer the lighter gray color of breath…
If i choose the breeze scheme, is there a way for me to edit parts of it?

It depends on what you want to edit? Please specify. Generally both themes are almost same, it’s just that the Breath theme keeps some Manjaro specific accent colour and icons aspects, e.g. laucher icon, dolphin icon, some accent colours etc… You can play around a bit until you find the right mix for you.

LordTermor’s mentioned bug I can confirm. One way to get around this on the desktop is to deactivate Previews. That applies folder colour accordingly, but of course has other implications. It’s tricky :)).

the green accents and borders in system tray menus, the system tray icon of pamac gui, the manjaro icon in the launcher, the launcher theme…

That is part of the Plasma Style module, aka has nothing to do with the System Icon theme used, nor with the Application Style. It follows the color-scheme tho if you select the one that follows the color-scheme, otherwise will use the predefined colors.
Breath-Dark has predefined dark colors.
Breath-Light uses predefined light colors.
Breath will use the colors from the color scheme you chose.
To change their icons, then look into /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/breath/ and make it your own, aka copy it to ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/whatever_name_you_want and start editing … Any custom icon you add will not be substituted by the default one.

The default one is Breeze. You can use that instead of Breath as the base.
If you don’t know how to add css and style classes + the ID for the custom icons you want, then look at

That you can also change from the launcher settings itself.

You mean to use Alternatives when you right click and Select Alternatives or the way the Widgets are drawn?

I’m trying to understand at least some kind of logic in the madness. So far I managed to get sorta where I want it to look with out blind luck by this point. I can’t exactly place what I did exactly to get it here, but I’ve deleted .cache/{icon-cache.kcache,plasma_theme_breath-dark_v0.2.0.kcache,plasma-svgelements} along with switching the icon theme a couple times and restarting plasmashell.
But then I change the theme back to Breeze. Restarting plasmashell doesn’t fix the icons, relogging, restarting, deleting .cache/{icon-cache.kcache,plasma_theme_breath-dark_v0.2.0.kcache,plasma-svgelements}. I also tried enabling/disabling previews.
After returning to the pink theme then deleting the thumbnails and cache seems to get me to this familarily broken state.
Okay…Back to Breeze—. Clearing thumbnails, cache doesn’t fix this either.
So I’m returning back to the pink icons for the moment, but it seems like my icons are irrepairably pink now. And really the folder being outlines on the desktop is mildly annoying even though, ideally, they shouldn’t.

@jarrodfarrell what’s your defined accent color in System settings > Appearance > Colors > Use accent color: ?
For me when I turn off previews on the desktop the folder’s color is according to chosen theme.

Found there’s two different locations for folder previews:

  • The one in Dolphin under General > Previews
  • The one when right-clicking the Desktop under Icons > Show Previews

Anyways. Turned off previews on the desktop and with the icon set I’m using they’re just the folder outlines, and this is with a pink sort-of color as my accent color.

But it looks like the Plasma Style is interfering here: If I using Breath and not Breath Dark along with using the default Breeze icons it uses the accent color. Otherwise it doesn’t. Setting it to the icon set uses the aforementioned folder outlines. Looking closely this seems to be because of Breath supporting accent colors while Dark imposes it’s own.

It kinda makes sense here, but now I guess I have to make my own Plasma style that is both darker backgrounds and supports accent colors.

Yes that one.

  • Try the combo Breeze Dark theme + Breeze Dark icons + Breath Dark Color scheme + Your preferred accent colour.

That gives the most consistent accent colour theming while staying close to Manjaros default colors. Color schemes can be changed and saved as new.