Inconsistent boot time caused by GRUB

Hi, so as I’ve seen in many topics, some people have problems with the booting time. Here, I’ve got a problem that can’t even find what can cause this issue but let me explain : I’m running Manjaro on an old Dell Inspiron 1545 with an SSD (but that’s not the problem), and every time my computer boots, it boots straight into Manjaro (without showing the grub menu) and it takes around 40-50 seconds. Now here is the thing : If I hold shift when booting (in order to show the grub menu) and manually press ENTER on the Manjaro entry in order to boot it, it takes around 10-15 seconds and I can’t really know why it does this…

I already checked my Systemd-analyze output and everything is good and the only thing I’ve changed is the grub config for the timeout value (changed to 0 but still the same issue).

Can someone help me ?

Thank you,

Hi, do you get a dual-boot with another Linux distro?

And could you post here the result of systemd-analyze blame?

Hi, no it’s a single boot only running Manjaro.

Sure, here is the result :

2.301s apparmor.service
2.196s dev-sda1.device
1.739s tlp.service
 901ms systemd-random-seed.service
 883ms alsa-restore.service
 701ms upower.service
 491ms polkit.service
 427ms systemd-udev-trigger.service
 418ms ModemManager.service
 355ms avahi-daemon.service
 323ms NetworkManager.service
 321ms systemd-journald.service
 286ms udisks2.service
 253ms user@1000.service
 187ms systemd-udevd.service
 185ms ufw.service
 184ms snapd.service
 173ms systemd-logind.service
 169ms lightdm.service
 153ms tmp.mount
 148ms accounts-daemon.service
 142ms systemd-journal-flush.service
 132ms modprobe@drm.service

Also, I’ve decided to boot the kernel in a non-quiet mode so that I get some output of what’s going on and the results are that when selecting manually to boot Manjaro in the grub menu, it just boots almost immediately whereas when booting without doing anything (no grub bootmenu) it’s just much much slower. So clearly something is going on with grub

Seems fast to me.
What’s the output of systemd-analyse ?

And by the way too, cat /etc/default/grub?


Startup finished in 3.198s (kernel) + 5.344s (userspace) = 8.543s reached after 4.070s in userspace

As for the grub conf, sorry but the formatting style is doing something bad when there is a ‘#’ so here is a pastebin : grub conf -

Hi @Liwinux, and welcome!

After you’ve updated the timeout in /etc/defaults/grub have you updated grub?

sudo update-grub

Hope this helps!

Hi and thank you,
After editing the grub config, I’ve indeed ran

sudo update-grub

as you mentioned but same results unfortunately…

Well that’s unfortunate then. I hooped it was a quick fix, but it’s obviously not and now I don’t know anything more, except that it sounds like some kind of hardware problem, possibly a hard drive. In which case I’d advise you to replace it ASAP.

Best of luck to you!

Well, thank you for taking the time to try helping me !

You’re very welcome!

As far as I remember, grub has some scripts that interpret 0 timeout as a bad value and set it back to default, which is 10. So set it to 1 and do sudo update-grub, reboot and count.

Hi, so I’ve modified the timeout to 1 in my grub config and it seems like it’s now resolved. I’ve rebooted my computer multiple times to see if it’s nearly the same amount of time to boot into Manjaro. Not sure why tho…

Anyway, thank you guys for taking to time helping me !

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