Incomplete text display

The computer suddenly doesn’t display text when it’s running

Are you fully up-to-date ?

sudo pacman-mirrors -g && sudo pacman -Syyu

(and restarted?)

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yes,I do

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It did before? Now it’s not? :thinking:

It’s good to start up. It won’t be displayed after running for a while


The sequence:

Oh, that’s how the entrance works! :laughing:

Sorry, I don’t know which logs to check for this problem

So, you did not find in any logs (mentioned by the link) any single event with any relation to the font: error/warning/notification/other severity of that

Incomplete text display


Also try to realize the app name and to review all events of that app.

It should be logged somewhere as from my point of view it is severe issue, so some relevant logged info should be logged.

Also you provide so brief information br. inf that probably many community members can’t do a search for you to help you in try to find a solution from prev. threads over the internet.
Your logs should contain a key phrases to start to make a search by them. Otherwise I could take too much time to read whole internet info and to try to suggest thousands possible solutions which matched that br. inf that you posted.

Please try to start to investigate and post what you find, may be somewhat what you find will be a key for somebody else to help you. Increase your chances to get a possible help.

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