Including FreeOffice is a bad idea (Was: Manjaro Roadmap)

I think part of the problem here is the use of the word "we". Judging by @jonathon's responses (sorry if I am misunderstanding your words) this is not a group decision that has been made, but something by philm alone.


Perhaps he is using the Royal "We"? :slight_smile:


Stell dir vor, ich hatte keine Ahnung was FreeOffice ist vor ein paar Tagen. :sweat_smile:

Wenn man die Jahresabschlüsse im Unternehmensregister vergleicht, würden die aber vielleicht auch eine Partnerschaft mit meiner Oma eingehen. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That is correct, and my guess that happened because all reduces to:

And that was the main reason/concern of this "dispute", not a good ground to build the arguments on :wink:

I honestly don't understand why this persistence to define the use of WE. Can be Philip and Bernahard or Stefano, or all 3, but that either is one of my business who is included or not ...

Way too much ego going on here.

Ok so my words as core team member are not understanding please @jonathon or @strit or other close this tread because is a not sense keep this opened since my post reassume the state of manjaro now but no people want understand ...


There was a reason why Linux Mint was the No.1 distro a few years ago.
But in my opinion their decision to drop KDE as well as their persistence sticking with Ubuntu LTS base had as a result to lose many users - Correct me if I'm wrong.

There was also a reason why Manjaro was the No.1 distro last year.
Manjaro Team managed to transform a very technical, cutting edge distro like Arch into a modern distro that everyone could easily install and enjoy. That was even harder to achieve becouse Arch is a rolling distro and requires constant intervention for bug fixing and all the stuff...

I may be new in the community, but that was the time I started using Manjaro and never looked back. I never had a serious issue with Manjaro and even if I had some minor problems I managed to solve them very quickly (mostly reading the excellent posts by the community members...)

Perhaps the Manjaro Team should look at the near past, analyse the factors of their distribution's success and hopefully they won't lose the thread. Now Manjaro is number 2 but there's a falling tendency, and this is something they should take into consideration, and take the right decisions - whichever these are.



That is COMPLETELY inaccurate. libreoffice opens works with office files all the way back to office 97 file formats and works just fine allowing you to save it back in the same format. They do recommend you use the newer formats but you can save it in the older formats just as easily.


Do not want to understand? I think a lot of actions cannot be understood from an user point of view.

Users are selfish and just want something that works.

That's all, I think. After, if manjaro needs money to live, well, there are good and bad choices to make money.

For a lot of people, Manjaro team made a bad choice. Only time will tell who's right.


That's not entirely true.

A recent update

pulled apparmor in. I don't use it; it is even purposely not built in my kernels.

Rhetorical question: just what needs apparmor?

Yeah, it was reversed in a subsequent update, but don't fool yourself. Some of this crap is going to get forced on you, whether you like it or not, regardless of whether or not you can disable it.

Partial upgrades are not supported

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This is not for defend freeoffice but please read this forum post.. odt can be opened and saved in docx etc.. this mean in my pov more compatibility for MS documet.. but in any case already say m-h can remove or install software after install and for now m-h is included in any edtions.. again wait to see the near future to see the news into Manjaro project and again we don't destroy our community or our philosophy.. i want protect Manjaro community..

What's the point of opening an odt file and save it in docx format?

This is technically nonsense. MS-Office file and tools are banned from german schools, and Netherland is going more or less the same way:

So, FreeOffice choice is less and less understandable.

This is my last post on this thread. Have a good day.


Ok! Now let's say the community recuests FreeOffice to be able also save in ODT format.
Is this request going to be taken seriously by the managers of SoftMaker? Just a simple example... And how long we should wait for this - simple - feature?

As you well know, since you are a developer yourself, the power of FOSS like libreoffice, blender, Krita, lmms to name a few, is due they are actually "made" by the users. And of course by this I don't mean the actual coding. The developers listen to the user requests, filter them and they produce a piece of software that is functional and according to the needs of the users. Also new features are implemented relatively quickly.

We entered the final phase of every twitter "debate", baseless personal accusations and blocks.


Wait... This is not twitter... Oh ■■■■ !!!


Can you read what you wrote ?

No kidding...

Have you ever experienced W$ and bloatware ?
If not, this is exactly summerised by your quote.

I think this sounds like a nice idea. If we make some sort of partnership with Softmaker, it would be cool if the free version in Manjaro repos could save in odt format. Maybe even a month's free trial of premium features? That would seem quite a bit better a deal to me. I'm not the one negotiating any deals though. Let's see how it turns out. As Philm said, nothing is set in stone yet, this is just a test build.

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This topic is taking a break due to flameywarz and because Steph asked for it to be so.

working together with Softmaker to improve things for FreeOffice based on community feedback

Why should the open source community help a proprietary crap?? Why can't the Manjaro community help the LibreOffice?? What's the whole point?

Just look at the lack of features on free version. It is just the typical crippleware.

Is this FUD or facts? I have nothing more to add here. I do not trust Softmaker at all.

That's it.

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Using proprietary solutions goes against the people's interest, the solution might work now but can and will bite the users in the end.
When users are bound to the will of the Proprieters then the solution is damaged.
Proprieters are loyal only to pure profits and nothing else, everything honorable that seems to be good is just PR to increase prfitability.

I cannot support this move, even using the missleading prefix "free" in the meaning zero cost instead of respecting your freedoms is scumy worth of full condemnation.

I sincerly hope the company will change their marketing strategy or go bankcrupt.

I hope manjaro will survive and keep strong despite this horrible decisions.

EDIT: didn't want to trigger anybody, I just believe users rights should be preserved, also using free in context of price is for me unacceptable, I don't wish anyone to lose job I only seek to hurt the corporate body that does something I disapprove, I went little bit extreme and I am sorry.

Great, you seem to know what people are interested in. Is there some other interest you'd like to share, it's quite informative and may come in handy.

"free" is commonly used to mean "not costing or charging anything" so I don't see how using it is misleading, let alone "scummy". Also not that many people understand "free" as a matter of liberty, only those in touch with GNU and their philosophy do, so marketing their software as "free" is completely understandable and correct.
Using such words as misleading and scummy hints that you know their intentions. Now this is a great combo, knowing people's interests and the company's intentions.

Yeah, that's very thoughtful of you. Actually it's very reasonable to wish that all the workers at that company go jobless just because you think that using "free" the same way the majority of the population do is scummy.

Oh... The horrors...




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