Including FreeOffice is a bad idea (Was: Manjaro Roadmap)


with all the recent discussions going on regarding snap support and inclusion of freeoffice I thought I open a separate thread to ask a few questions.

First of all, I would like to know how the decision process for Manjaro is working? Who is involved? What is the role of the community? This is basically a question about the Manjaro governance model.

Secondly, I would like to know what the driver is for those decisions? The decision about freeoffice from softmaker for example is certainly not a pure technical decision based on the freeoffice performance. This leaves lots of room for speculations. So what is it? Is money involved?

Thirdly, I would like to know the Manjaro startegy or philosophy. Where does Manjaro want to be in 5 years?


well i dont think you will get answered as
all of it will be revealed soonπŸ˜‚

You mean crippled office? :slight_smile:

From the outside, it looks like it is one person deciding and other ones following or leaving. Could be wrong, of course!

Why asking? You've got the answer for FreeOffice :slight_smile:

Will it be alive in 5 years from now? I hope...


I think many people would want to know what is going on... unfortunately - due to the lack of clear communication - I have to assume that we will only get more real information when everything is already done and set up.


Too late so. For me, it is nearly too late. I put Manjaro on two friends computer. There will not be a third one. I don't want to spend time removing snap, flatpak and FreeOffice from start.


To be frank I'm not happy about the direction in which Manjaro seems to be going.
All we can do is wait for official announcements, and once more info is available, I will think about whether it's still worth staying with Manjaro or not.

Thanks to mbod for asking the right questions.


it would be nice to know what to expect in the future, as i plan to use Manjaro for the next several years

and im curios, as i was away for some time... is there something im missing here ?
@torvic9 @fredb74 @Librewish care to enlighten me? is there more to the story?

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The only way I am comfortable in using any proprietary software on a linux distro is through a container environment such as Skype on flatpak.
@philm Perhaps you can ask the devs to do this?

I just wished Manjaro would have did some polling with its user base before changing its default office suite.

I donate monthly to keep Manjaro alive. It's sad they did this.


Thanks for starting this thread @mbod it has weighed heavily on me. I started playng around with Manjaro in I believe 2013. From 2015 to 2018 it was the only distro I used regularly. Last year things began to change, and I don't think they have changed in a positive way. All the old regulars rarely post anymore compared to three years ago, and I don't think it has anything to do with new faces, or old dogs going to the grave. Quite simply some have chosen to take Manjaro in a very specific direction without regard to what made Manjaro the place to be. The community is what made Manjaro attractive, and continues to make it an attractive option to visit, but I can't recommend it as a daily driver anymore. Only my HTPC uses Manjaro at this point and that might change in the near future. It no longer seems like a community driven distro and instead appears to be a distro headed in a more commercial direction, and that is the part that saddens me.


well i wont be disappointed in manjaro for a long time.
what is manjaro - its repos and manjaro tools like mhwd and the community.
unless the repos themselves change.
in a way i cant use them.
it wont concern me at all
i have been disappointed in manjaro iso's.
so i make my own.


Unfortunately, I don't know much more than you.
I only know that some people (especially "regulars" who have been here for many years) are disappointed... I could give a few examples, but I don't have the authority to speak for other people.


@mbod, this was the first I've heard about freeoffice.

It is too late for me.

Nor am I, and that's why I *voted* the way I did. For me, the 'turning point' was a recent dbus update, that pulled in an apparmor dependency (gotta love pacman in CLI). Then, I saw a kernel update...went and did a diff of my PKGBUILD against the Manjaro stock PKGBUILD in gitlab. Wait a minute...WTF are these ubuntu patches being put into the stock kernel? Oh, hell no...Then the final proverbial 'nail in the coffin'...We (Manjaro) are going to enable snapd by default.

That's why I'll still come around, even though I've moved on.


Guys since we are talking about proprietary software on Manjaro. I noticed that the Opera Browser was on their repo.

Isn't it also a proprietary?

get over it will you people you dont have to use the apps if you dont want them you allways have microsoft windows as an allternative

Software being available in the repo is not the same as software in the default install.


The question is not whether it is possible to not use those apps. This thread is not about technical aspects.

The question here is whether or why Manjaro is replacing open source software with proprietary software? Why is this happening? And why do companies like Ubuntu or softmaker have an interest that Manjaro is doing that? We want to understand the rational behind the decisions.

I for my part was not so much concerend about the snapd decision at the beginning. But after learning more about snap and the restrictions coming with it, I am starting to be concerend now.

And that freeoffice is now the default office app instead of libreoffice is by no means a decision based on software quality. It is a political decision. There is something happening in the background which concerns me.

But this whole thread is useless if the Manjaro leadership team is not joining the discussion.


I am fully updated and I dont know what you are talking about I still have libreoffice

Changing the default install doesn't impact existing installations.


Glad we are still talking about software and not real life drama, so the emotional reactions/replies don't take over the forum.

Oh, but i'm wrong somehow


Has Manjaro ever been a pure libre distro? How long have we been shipping Steam in the default install?


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