Include linux*-spl, linux*-zfs, spl-utils, zfs-utils in installer image environment

Installer images are often used as live recovery environments that allow access to local disks, chrooting, etc.

With ZFS support via extramodules, it’s possible to set up ZFS volumes once Manjaro has been installed.

The extramodules are specific to a kernel version, so when they are updated in the repositories they can no longer be downloaded and used within a live environment.

This request is for these extramodules to be included on the installer image so that:

  • ZFS volumes can always be accessed via a live environment
  • ZFS volumes can be used by advanced users as installation targets

Include ZFS modules?

  • Yes
  • No

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That’s a strong reason.

While I think that we should include these, if possible. There’s still the issue of it’s license, right?

Last I heard about ZFS licenses, it was a minefield.

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It’s included in Ubuntu by default now (and I think Antergos live image has ZFS support?).

Our extramodule isn’t in the kernel so it hasn’t got the same issues as Ubuntu’s approach, and I don’t think it’s any worse than distributing Steam.

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Yeah, that’s true.
The license issues where mostly because of the built into the kernel support, wasn’t it? :slight_smile:

But, isn’t an extramodule a kernel module just packaged in a separate package?

Yes; but IIRC the main issue was with building it into the kernel itself. A kernel module is compiled against the kernel, which is a slight difference.

But, given that IANAL, it might not make any difference to the licensing issues. I don’t honestly think having the extramodule included in the image would make much of a difference compared to having it available in the repo.

If it’s a real concern, just include the packages on the Desktop. That would be fine. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it the case that mhwd installs the drivers on a live image from somewhere in cache. Is is what you mean can be done for linuxXY-zfs?

It’s what’s done for linux*-nvidia, so if that helps, sure. :slight_smile:

I was initially thinking of just having them pre-installed like a standard package.

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