In your opinion, benefits between Manjaro and mainline Arch?

For me, here are the main benefits between each:

-Much more user friendly
-Installation isn't a hassle
-Really well put together
-Still follows Arch philosophy
-(Completely opinionated, here):
Better logo design.


-Only has what you want
-Can review updates easier before installing
-Helpful for learning more about Linux
-Can be literally anything you want
it to be
-Also has a really nice logo.

How about your opinions?


One of the big draws for me is the community. Manjaro forum users tend not to eat their own young.


For “CRITICAL” Servers no one, that I know, runs a bleeding Arch Linux Server, unless of course your willing to baton down the hatches prior, so to speak, which beings me to Manjaro.
As far as running Arch upstream, on the absolute latest hardware desktops, laptops,…, then sure, 'cause, seriously, who cares?. -It’s a good testbed for new stuff, and more often then not, it does work fine, but,
Manjaro, imho, besides making Arch more easliy accessibe to newbs. also tries to bridge that stability gap, a never-ending tightrope game.

The most important benefit of Arch is that Manjaro can greatfully use their packages.


YAAMT Yet Another Arch Manjaro Thread? :wink:

  • Manjaro has an installer. In Arch, you are the installer. :wink:
  • Manjaro has tools & settings that newcomers may find useful
  • Manjaro doesn’t expect users to be geniuses at Googling or translating a daunting (but invaluable) ArchWiki.
  • When I install Arch+Plasma+Applications, my day is pretty much gone.
  • When I install Manjaro KDE, I only need to remove/add a few packages and I’m good to go.

:joy: :joy: I like that one.

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Unless by coincidence your parents named you Calmares.


pacman-mirrors is hands down my favorite package that Manjaro have made next to mhwd. Trying to update mirrors in arch for the frist time is a bloody headache. Even though arch have more repo mirrors list over manjaro.

For arch, AUR. It is better optimized over manjaro. There are few package in the AUR that is for arch linux only.

Arch has:

  • pkgfile
  • abs
  • debtab
  • aura/bauerbill
  • reflector

Manjaro has:

  • mhwd
  • manjaro-tools
  • manjaro-chroot (like arch-chroot, but with optional autopilot)
  • pre-built environments for light window managers
  • pamac
  • openrc support

Manjaro has more work done for you, but arch can be better for building some stuff. Arch is more diy. It’s like box of legos, while manjaro is collection of pre-built lego constructs in a lego box.


As I get older I like when I find something that can do that.

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I dread it. It’s like a good book you can’t put down but it lasts too long. I lose days, weeks sometimes. It’s good when I can accomplish something; bad when I don’t. I’m gonna be real glad to start volunteer training at the Humane Society.


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