In Seach of: Old Tiling Manager

I had to do a fresh install of manjaro xfce and I’m trying to get the configurations near where I had it. I had an old tiling window manager that I used and customized keyboard shortcuts so ALT + NUM 7 would put the current window into the top quarter of the screen, ALT + NUM 8 would put it on the top half, ALT + 9 would be the top right quarter, etc.

I can’t remember what this was called, but I remember using a GUI to configure the key shortcuts instead of CLI editing a file. Any chance anyone knows what that was (or something that can do that as well)?

It turns out I didn’t download an extra one at all. The built in window manager has this ability. Go to settings → Window Manager and select the “Keyboard” tab. Scroll down to “Tile window to the top” and those are the ones I mentioned

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